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the Legion of the Bouncy Castle.

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The Legion of the Bouncy Castle APIs are supported by the Legion of the Bouncy Castle Inc., a registered Australian Charity. If you would like to donate to further support this work please see the Legion's donation page.

Master Distributions

  (includes J2ME, OpenPGP, TSP, CMP, CRMF, and CMS/SMIME)
  crypto-171.tar.gz crypto-171.zip

Signed JAR files

From release 1.40 some implementations of encryption algorithms were removed from the regular jar files at the request of a number of users. Jars with names of the form *-ext-* still include these (at the moment the list is: NTRU).

  Provider Clean room JCE and provider ASN.1 Extension Classes and Utility Classes PKIX/CMS/EAC/CMP/CRMF/TSP SMIME Jakarta SMIME OpenPGP/BCPG TLS/DTLS API/JSSE Provider Test Classes
JDK 1.8 and later bcprov-jdk18on-171.jar
  bcutil-jdk18on-171.jar bcpkix-jdk18on-171.jar bcmail-jdk18on-171.jar bcjmail-jdk18on-171.jar bcpg-jdk18on-171.jar bctls-jdk18on-171.jar bctest-jdk18on-171.jar
JDK 1.5 to JDK 1.8 bcprov-jdk15to18-171.jar
  bcutil-jdk15to18-171.jar bcpkix-jdk15to18-171.jar bcmail-jdk15to18-171.jar bcjmail-jdk15to18-171.jar bcpg-jdk15to18-171.jar bctls-jdk15to18-171.jar bctest-jdk15to18-171.jar
JDK 1.4 bcprov-jdk14-171.jar
  bcutil-jdk13-171.jar bcpkix-jdk13-171.jar bcmail-jdk14-171.jar   bcpg-jdk14-171.jar bctls-jdk14-171.jar(low-level only) bctest-jdk14-171.jar
JDK 1.3 bcprov-jdk13-171.jar
bcutil-jdk13-171.jar bcpkix-jdk13-171.jar bcmail-jdk13-171.jar   bcpg-jdk13-171.jar   bctest-jdk13-171.jar
JDK 1.2 bcprov-jdk12-171.jar
  bcpkix-jdk12-171.jar     bcpg-jdk12-171.jar   bctest-jdk12-171.jar


JDK 1.8 and later bctls-jdk18on-171.tar.gz bctls-jdk18on-171.zip
JDK 1.5 - JDK 1.8 bctls-jdk15to18-171.tar.gz bctls-jdk15to18-171.zip
JDK 1.4 (no JSSE Provider) bctls-jdk14-171.tar.gz bctls-jdk14-171.zip

JDK 1.8 and later bcmail-jdk18on-171.tar.gz bcmail-jdk18on-171.zip
JDK 1.5 - JDK 1.8 bcmail-jdk15to18-171.tar.gz bcmail-jdk15to18-171.zip
JDK 1.4 bcmail-jdk14-171.tar.gz bcmail-jdk14-171.zip
JDK 1.3 bcmail-jdk13-171.tar.gz bcmail-jdk13-171.zip

  ASN.1 Extension Classes and Utility Classes
JDK 1.8 and later bcutil-jdk18on-171.tar.gz bcutil-jdk18on-171.zip
JDK 1.5 - JDK 1.8 bcutil-jdk15to18-171.tar.gz bcutil-jdk15to18-171.zip
JDK 1.4 bcutil-jdk14-171.tar.gz bcutil-jdk14-171.zip
JDK 1.3 bcutil-jdk13-171.tar.gz bcutil-jdk13-171.zip

JDK 1.8 and later bcpkix-jdk18on-171.tar.gz bcpkix-jdk18on-171.zip
JDK 1.5 - JDK 1.8 bcpkix-jdk15to18-171.tar.gz bcpkix-jdk15to18-171.zip
JDK 1.4 bcpkix-jdk14-171.tar.gz bcpkix-jdk14-171.zip
JDK 1.3 bcpkix-jdk13-171.tar.gz bcpkix-jdk13-171.zip
JDK 1.2 bcpkix-jdk12-171.tar.gz bcpkix-jdk12-171.zip
JDK 1.1 bcpkix-jdk11-171.tar.gz bcpkix-jdk11-171.zip

JDK 1.8 and later bcpg-jdk18on-171.tar.gz bcpg-jdk18on-171.zip
JDK 1.5 - JDK 1.8 bcpg-jdk15to18-171.tar.gz bcpg-jdk15to18-171.zip
JDK 1.4 bcpg-jdk14-171.tar.gz bcpg-jdk14-171.zip
JDK 1.3 bcpg-jdk13-171.tar.gz bcpg-jdk13-171.zip
JDK 1.2 bcpg-jdk12-171.tar.gz bcpg-jdk12-171.zip
JDK 1.1 bcpg-jdk11-171.tar.gz bcpg-jdk11-171.zip

  JCE with provider and lightweight API Lightweight API  
JDK 1.8 and later bcprov-jdk18on-171.tar.gz bcprov-jdk18on-171.zip lcrypto-jdk18on-171.tar.gz lcrypto-jdk18on-171.zip
JDK 1.5 - JDK 1.8 bcprov-jdk15to18-171.tar.gz bcprov-jdk15to18-171.zip lcrypto-jdk15to18-171.tar.gz lcrypto-jdk15to18-171.zip
JDK 1.4 bcprov-jdk14-171.tar.gz bcprov-jdk14-171.zip lcrypto-jdk14-171.tar.gz lcrypto-jdk14-171.zip
JDK 1.3 jce-jdk13-171.tar.gz jce-jdk13-171.zip lcrypto-jdk13-171.tar.gz lcrypto-jdk13-171.zip
JDK 1.2 jce-jdk12-171.tar.gz jce-jdk12-171.zip lcrypto-jdk12-171.tar.gz lcrypto-jdk12-171.zip
JDK 1.1 jce-jdk11-171.tar.gz jce-jdk11-171.zip lcrypto-jdk11-171.tar.gz lcrypto-jdk11-171.zip
J2ME     lcrypto-j2me-171.tar.gz lcrypto-j2me-171.zip
JDK 1.0     lcrypto-jdk10-133.tar.gz lcrypto-jdk10-133.zip