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ten most recent purchases

bands that matter

My friend David bemoans the dying art of the verbose but insightful music review that actually tries to tell you something about the album in question. I don't feel sufficiently gifted to be able to properly explain why I like a lot of the music I like, it's usually just a massive intertwingled mess of coincidence, feelings and memories. Nevertheless, here's a few bands that I feel I ought to mention.

Since the above paragraph was written, I've tried to write a bit more about stuff I like, mostly centered on my recent purchases. You'll find it over yonder.

desert island discs

Created a long time ago at mike's request. Updated every now and then. In no particular order.

where I get it

I used to have a list of shops here, once upon a time. Since then, David's taken up the task, so I'll just direct you to his effort.