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I'm still alive, just trying to work out what to say. Mostly I've been taking lots of photos, lately.... [more]

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backend changes

Hopefully you won't notice (much), but I've refreshed the RSS and ATOM templates to match what's current in Movable Type... [more]

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catching up

I'm still alive, though I'd been really busy for the past couple of weeks helping a well-known company move offices,... [more]

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born under a bad sign

For the few of you who hadn't already heard, strange days have found me. On Friday, I mistakenly left... [more]

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With the help of Yahoo Pipes and Tumblr and such, I give you the turgid firehose of existence, which aggregates... [more]

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remember my old photo site?

Thanks to phpFlickr I've done a quick bit of work on elsewhere's front page to show recent flickr photos and... [more]

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shuffling deckchairs

Soup has moved over to my new domain metasomething.net so that it can sit alongside Station'ry and they won't feel... [more]

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which way from here?

I've started station'ry, another group blog aimed at encouraging friends to share their words and images with the world.... [more]

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more nerdery

Since I've been slack here, but not necessarily in in other places, here's one of those feedburner things that splices... [more]

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I finally upgraded this rig to MT 3.14. So far all I've done is add an atom feed, but we'll... [more]

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saturday night cabin fever

the other one's been migrated. Hopefully it still works - I expect to spend my morsels of free time writing... [more]

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give me a sign

acb found me this, the other day. My friends Chi and Rhonda had a baby boy in the early hours... [more]

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I'm alive, just too busy with work at the moment. But I've been taking plenty of photos this month during... [more]

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mastering one's domain

Well, it's beginning to take some kind of form or other. Lonely Radio, that is. I still have to sort... [more]

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making the T-sign with the hands

expect posting to become even more sporadic for a while. i'm sorry.... [more]

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DSL's been installed in my new home, though I still need to buy a desk - despite the versatility of... [more]

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elevator music

Well, I've moved house and I'm still alive, but I'm awaiting the arrival our DSL connection at the new abode... [more]

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well, how did i get here ?

It doesn't mean much but hey, it's my 501st post, and I need to celebrate something this week. 856 journal... [more]

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things to do on a sunday evening

I've done a bit of work on my photo site, making the icon-sized versions of the pictures a bit bigger... [more]

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walk against worry

Well, on the off-chance you tried coming here after Saturday morning and discovered there was nobody home, yes, we had... [more]

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wielding the ladle

soup, the group blog I've setup with some old friends, seems to be gathering momentum (as well as a real... [more]

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oh by the way

I upgraded the hardware this website runs on, on Friday afternoon (yes, the 13th). Hopefully you haven't noticed any differences,... [more]

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sorry 'bout the drought. i'm sorely uninspired and desperately in need of a kick up the arse. bear with me.... [more]

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I'm sorry for the weariness that's wormed into my "writing", both here and there. I'm having greater-than-usual trouble readjusting to... [more]

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I'm back. I've got a pile of CDs and clothes to sort through, and 2 weeks of net.reading to catch... [more]

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waiting for the feel of feeling blank

307 entries and counting. But I should stop counting. After all, I've been copping out and posting lots of linkage... [more]

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you only live twice

200 entries/posts, and it seems like I'm almost exclusively music-centric now. Well, we go with the flow. It's been around... [more]

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turn of the century

I'm not exactly sure how I managed it, but I've made it to 100 posts. Unsurprisingly, half of them are... [more]

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