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tales from an ordinary world


dream : I'm on a bus. As it rolls down the street the conductor introduces himself to us with a few toots of his bagpipes, and tells us he's blind.

Later, I'm walking up a steel hill, along the side of a road. It's quite sandy. The conductor's with me, and asks if we want to continue on, or wait until tomorrow when it was light. I don't remember where we were headed, but I figured that perhaps it didn't make much difference to him whether he walked during the day or the night, and he was probably asking me out of courtesy.

I don't know if we stopped or kept going because the next thing I knew, I was in some large, underground cellar. Wine racks neatly organized. For a while I was trying to lift myself up to a hole in the ceiling to get myself out, but after a while it turned out that all my workmates were here, and we were drinking some of the wine and generally just sitting around. Whose wine cellar was it, though ? I noticed nobody had been replacing the wine we'd been drinking, and hoped this was somehow ok. At another end of the room were some pianos, in various states of disrepair. One of them was ok in the middle, but the keys at either end had rotted away. I wandered around some more, and found what must've been the front door - it seemed like an entryway, though I didn't look outside. A pile of letters and bils sat next to the door, which was presumably somebody's "in-tray" of sorts. I dug through the pile and found a copy of Fight Club on DVD. Maybe they'd hired it and it needed to be returned ? Oh hang on, there's a price on it. They must've bought it. What's it doing in this pile of bills that need paying ?

..end transmission...

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