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Back in 1997, through some sort of freak accident (perhaps), I got pulled into the maelstrom that is 3MU, Monash Uni Student Radio. I made a few guest appearances on a show called Lost in the Web, and they liked me so much I was made a regular dude for the 1998 season.

Since then, I've done a few things for them besides just spouting random geek crap on Lost in the Web - I've set up a few live RealAudio broadcasts of some shows (mostly Lost in the Web, but also the 1998-06-04 episode of Chris Round's The Word, and the end-of-1998 live show from the student bar at Clayton campus). I even did my own show, once in a while, but once I stopped working at Monash mid-1999, my radio involvement pretty much ceased.

On September 17 2002, I was interviewed by Libby Price on 3LO about blogging. How odd.