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remote luxury

huh ?

It is (or was) a radio show, on 95.7FM 3MU, Monash Uni Student Radio.

"Cos digs into his CD collection and comes up with random bits and pieces that make his world a better place for all. The journey can range from UK indie, Australian stuff, the odd bit of blues and so on, with the occasional shift into "loud" mode towards the end of the show, taking punters into the world of industrial electronica and more..." (current blurb for the May/June 1999 edition of Remote Luxury.)

why "remote luxury" ?

I had to quickly come up with a name for a radio show when I was asked if I wanted to come and play on 3MU's December 1998 grid (which had a lot of free space, since heaps of people were off on holiday). I stole the name "Remote Luxury" from an old album by The Church, since they're one of my favourite bands ever. Steve Kilbey definitely has a way with words...

what did I miss on previous shows ?

Have a read of the playlists.

can I request a song ?

Sure, if I can find it in time - Get in touch a reasonable amount of time before the show and ask me. You can also call me up during the show, and hope I've got the CD on hand.