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free to a good home

A couple of years back, they were throwing out a laser printer at work. Foolishly, I took it home, thinking I'd get around to making it go, or something. It's just taking space in my bedroom, so I'd love to get rid of it. It's yours for free, if you come and pick it up (you'll need a car with a largish boot. It's not going to fit on the back seat). Failing that, it's getting thrown out when the next hard rubbish collection happens (assuming I can find out, the website seems to be lagging a bit).

Warning ! It's big.

It's an HP LaserJet 4Si/Mx, it's got PostScript, it's got a duplexing unit, it's got a JetDirect card, and I've even got a document feeder for it. However, it has a propensity to jam a fair bit - perhaps this is fixable if you feel like spending some money on it...

If you want it, get in touch...please !

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