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olympus pen news

Via The Online Photographer comes this teaser for something vaguely related to the "half-frame" Olympus Pen series that I hold rather dear to my heart - I currently have three, an EE-2, a D2 and an old EE somebody gave me recently (I'm still trying to finish a roll in this last one to find out if it works). The presumption is that this new model is related to the proof-of-concept Micro 4/3 camera that appeared at trade shows last year - as Matt points out, though, the thrill of being able to get an M-mount adapter for Micro 4/3 cameras in order to use our Leica or Voigtländer lenses is tempered somewhat(!) by the realization that the focal length gets multiplied by 2, so a lovely ultra-wide 15mm lens ends up as a rather pedestrian 30mm equivalent.

In any case, we'll find out tomorrow!

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I was excited for a split second but then I found out my 12mm would become a 24mm. Not cool.

> Posted by Fotodudenz at June 11, 2009 9:23 PM

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