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site updates

I got all enthusiastic yesterday arvo, and crossed something else off my long-standing "things to do when I get around to it" list. Ever since I started using images for my level 1 headings on the rest of the site and the photo site, I figured it'd be better if I had the website generate its own images, rather than me using a little command-line program I'd hacked up out of some example code in GD. So now, as you browse around my main site or photo site, it'll create the images for those headings on the fly. It's done in PHP, using its GD / FreeType bindings, and the images are cached to disk. If I happen to change the colour scheme or font, it'll automatically recreate the image, otherwise the cached one gets used. Nifty eh ?

The upshot of this is that it's easier for me to change colour schemes without having to run around and recreate everything by hand. There's still a few other images that I'd need to do something about, but I'll get to that (no, really). I could even go down the cookie-based choose-a-colour-scheme path (like Romain's been doing), but I haven't decided on that yet - I guess if one or two more people whinge about the colour scheme, I'll give in and do it. At the same time, I could let purists choose to view the pages without my auto-generated/cached header images. After all, I'm not surgically attached to my site design - I'd rather you read the content.

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