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escape meta alt ctrl shift


My left ctrl key occasionally gets stuck on, nowadays. Not the key itself (as far as I can see), but nevertheless I felt compelled to finally clean my keyboard, which I bought when I changed jobs. I found 33 months of crumbs, hair and dust hiding under there.

I've become rather attached to the MS "ergonomic" (such as it is) keyboards, and while the newer models don't seem as robust as the original ones (unfortunately my original one died a year or two back, when I hot-plugged it into my gateway/router PC at home), I still feel better using one over a normal PC keyboard (I feels so cramped typing this right now...no wonder I can't cope on a laptop), and they're not overly expensive - this last one was $35, as opposed to the $110 I forked out for the original one. But then, you're paying for more plastic and less good stuff. I miss the keyboard we had on our original IBM PC back in the late 1980's. Real feedback when you pressed a key. IBM knew how to make keyboards. Heavy enough that you could probably do somebody a fair bit of damage if you hit them with it, too.

Still, maybe it's time to try something else. I've drooled over the Kinesis models over the years, but I'd prefer to be able to try one before I fork out around AUD$500 for each one (one for home, one for work).

I'm open to suggestions. Unfortunately my collegaues all seem to balk at my MS keyboard, let alone anything else...

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