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what's that sound ?

I noticed an ad on TV announcing a Siemens phone that lets you record your own ringtone noise - I've been waiting for this for years, it seemed so logical. Away with the Ericsson triple-ascender. Away with the standard Nokia range (I heard a polyphonic version of one of them in the post office this arvo, and it frightened the life out of me). Away with cheesy TV theme tunes. I always wanted to use a foghorn sound, which I think came from The Goodies, though I suspect it'd wear thin pretty fast if I ever got around to doing it. Still, the prank value of a record-your-own-ringtone phone seems pretty high.

I used my freebie Club Nokia credit to get Kraftwerk's The Robots as my one concession to the ringtone culture. On my suddenly rather old-looking Nokia 6510, it feels better than it sounds...

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