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kde 3.1 makes it into debian

KDE 3.1 has been seeping into Debian unstable since Friday afternoon (my time). How does one convert from Karolina Lindqvist's unofficial packages to the official ones ?

  • Uninstall the unofficial packages. I did a bit of dpkg -l'ing and grepping for "kl", since that was in the version number of all her pacakges, and apt-get --purge removed them. Of course, I could've just removed kdelibs4 if I'd thought of that first.

  • How much of it's in Debian unstable now ? Do your apt-get update, and try a apt-cache show kde (which is just a meta-package that depends on all the right bits). Right now, this still shows Version: 4:2.2.25.

    Ok, so what do we do, since we've already blown away the old packages ? You could try and install all the metapackages like kdelibs, kdebase, kdeadmin, kdegraphics, kdemultimedia, kdenetwork, kdepim, koffice and kdeutils (right now, we're still waiting on kdemultimedia and kdepim, at least). The other thing you could do is to try apt-cache's wonderful showpkg function, which shows you the reverse dependencies of a package. Every KDE 3.1 program (I think) in Debian depends on the kdelibs4 package, so if you apt-cache showpkg kdelibs4 you'll get a list of what's currently available (if you'd tried this since Friday afternoon you'd have noticed the list getting a bit longer every day as new packages arrive). Now you've got the list, a few pipes and an awk later you've got a one-line command to apt-get install as much of KDE 3.1 that's in Debian so far.

Alternatively, if you're not bored/impatient, you could just wait for it to finish trickling into unstable and install it then...

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