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nokia e60 / e61 firmware upgrade


I managed to get the office's Nokia E60 and E61 upgraded to firmware 2.0618.06.05 (14-07-06) by taking it into the Nokia Care Centre (unlike the UK we can't yet update it ourselves over the internet). Unfortunately it hasn't yet changed the SIP situation - It can (still) register with my Asterisk server just fine and call out via a SIP trunk to CallManager Express 4.0 on IOS 12.4(9)T1, but can't register directly with CME itself.

The E60 was behaving rather oddly (really really long bootup times, etc.) until I reset it with a *#7370#. You might need to do the same if you upgrade yours.

[update: I now have the Nokia phone registering directly with Cisco CallManager Express.]

* 09:51 * geek