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john, I've been bad, and they're coming after me

The problem with wandering into shops like Dick Smith's Megastore with another music head (in this case, my sister) is that you feed off one another, saying "have you got this yet ? you just have to have this ! a bargain at twice the price !" and so on.

...So whilst I innocently thought we'd wander into the shop, and I'd come out with a new set of headphones, instead I came out with a pile of DVDs - Eraserhead, Lost Highway, and the Long Way To The Top series which was only $68 pre-discount, instead of the soul-sucking $80 the ABC originally wanted for it. Okay. Maybe I should've waited longer, but I just couldn't. I couldn't. I couldn't. I missed the early 80's episode when it was on TV... - and even more CDs - The Saints' Wild About You compilation, the new They Might Be Giants album (mostly at my sister's insistence, perhaps I could've waited...), that old Public Image Limited compilation with cover art by local talent Reg Mombasa (who I see got an interview in the paper this weekend), one of those double-cd-with-fat-booklet Pet Shop Boys rereleases (I never actually bought Very in the first place, maybe it's just as well I waited). I foolishly thought I was done with all this, but on the way to the counter we passed the boxed sets, whereupon I succesfully snared 3-CD boxed sets (for $21 !) by David Byrne (again, at my sister's insistence, I think I prefer his Talking Heads work) and Emmylou Harris. Yes, Emmylou Harris. I remember Dad playing Luxury Liner in the car on numerous holiday drives, and I was quite surprised to step into Raoul Records in St Kilda last year and hear them playing the very same album, presumably rescued from 70's uncool and magically turned into new retrocool. One must ride the wave...

Oh, and I didn't end up deciding on headphones. I guess they can wait.

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