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release the bats!

I noticed in Polyester today that The Bats' new album The Guilty Office is getting a local release in the... [more]

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losing one's muze

Rare Frequency tells us that the Muzak company has filed for bankruptcy. They also link to a more interesting New... [more]

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at the gate

It's been hard to find much in the way of good news this week, but thanks to David Nichols I'm... [more]

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2008 in music

best new stuff: Moscow Olympics - Cut The World (and Still). No thought required here. It's brilliant. I'm sure this'll... [more]

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andrew keese album available for download

Andrew Keese and the Associates has an album out real soon now called Desire, but you can already download it... [more]

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the NWRA

More proof of the northward march - a new venue's opening late in October in...Thornbury! (see also)... [more]

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old news of a sort

The Ed Kuepper juggernaut continues with some live recordings now available (try the nice piano-laden version of By The... [more]

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meat essence

I can sorta remember Mr Tom ranting about the sameness of Meat Beat Manifesto albums back when Subliminal Sandwich came... [more]

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your freedom we will save

So there I was listening to a lovely Laura Cantrell song, wondering why I thought I'd heard the words somewhere... [more]

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like a puppy on a trampoline

It wasn't until after I took this screenshot of my last.fm profile and put it on flickr that I... [more]

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farewell, heads

Severed Heads are no more. This 5-disc boxed set collects a bunch of their earlier work. I only became... [more]

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If you'd missed it the first time around, like I did, there's a great local indie Kraftwerk tribute compilation from... [more]

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hardly knew ye

I only bought a handful of copies of No Depression, but discovered the current one is the last issue,... [more]

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signs of life

It's true, I saw it! A new record shop in Thornbury, on High St! It's called "Eight Miles High", and... [more]

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mick harvey / rowland s. howard / pink stainless tail tonight at the tote

Apologies for not posting this earlier when Simon sent it to me - tonight at the Tote from 6pm, Mick... [more]

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oliver mann residency at the edinburgh castle

I made it over to the Edinburgh Castle last night to catch the raggedy blues experience that is John Fox,... [more]

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join us now and eat the software

The Pink Stainless Tail have released their take on RMS' Free Software Song (previously, among others). As with much of... [more]

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2007 albums

Not only did I have some spare time on an interstate flight to actually think about this, but I did... [more]

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a message from the spider

Just found - Tarantula - a bunch of old interviews (mostly from earlier this decade) by The Sand Pebbles' Chris... [more]

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"a banjo will never be rhythmically abused so perfectly ever again."

According to this WFMU post (check out the video, too!), we're now another Monk short - Dave Day passed away... [more]

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silver monk time: a tribute to the monks

How do you get Alec Empire, Mouse on Mars, The Raincoats, Jon Spencer, Solex(!), The Silver Apples, Alan Vega, The... [more]

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cambodian rocks

It's been a while since I've gone on about all this - If you hadn't yet heard the wonderful Cambodian... [more]

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angels of light - we are him

The Angels of Light have a new album out, which I'd been hearing plenty of good things about -... [more]

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monolith at carni, 2007-08-31

Somewhere in between the catastrophes I managed to get myself down to Carni for another Monolith night - this... [more]

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wall of E electric guitar ensemble, 2007-08-19 at carni

Another night of experimental guitar goodness at Carni, this time culminating in Barnaby Oliver's Wall of E Electric Guitar... [more]

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the north will rise again

Tony Wilson was being treated for kidney cancer, like Lee Hazlewood. Instead, he died of a heart attack. Paul Morley... [more]

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coming soon - the return of E

I just had an e-mail from Barney Oliver about this performance by The Wall of E Electric Guitar Ensemble from... [more]

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we all make the little flowers grow

"cowards and heroes listen my friends if you have money or nothing to spend it'll make no difference in a... [more]

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recent acquisitions - githead, artefacts of australian experimental music

Githead have a new album called Art Pop that pretty much continues the same themes as their previous angular,... [more]

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world party

...so for some reason I found myself staring at an ad on SBS, post-Rockwiz, for Steely Dan's concert that's happening... [more]

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the boats, the immediatists and zac keiller at carni, 2007-05-25

I got down to Carni last night to see Zac Keiller, The Immediatists and The Boats put on a... [more]

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upcoming dreamlandery

Zac just mailed me to say he's playing - both solo and with The Immediatists - as support for The... [more]

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sunn o))) presents pentemple at the toff in town, 2007-05-08

Yeah, I went to a metal gig - a bunch of guys in or near Sunn O))) at The... [more]

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art git

Things gleaned from this month's Wire: Githead have a new album out, called Art Pop (and a t-shirt to go... [more]

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i touched you at the sound check

I first heard about Labrador records late in 2005 by reading somebody's blog post about Pelle Carlberg's first solo... [more]

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small status update

I'm busily enjoying last year's Bluebottle Kiss album Doubt Seeds (they're playing tomorrow night at the NSC, too) and... [more]

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pink stainless tail album launch at the tote, 2007-03-30

I went to The Tote last night for the launch of The Infinite Wisdom of The Pink Stainless Tail. Biddy... [more]

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friday lunchtime purchases

I managed to pop into Off The Hip for only the second time since it moved into the city (despite... [more]

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soon to be snuffed out

In some kind of twin tragedy, we're losing both Candle Records and Synaesthesia Records (Mark's going off to work in... [more]

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last.fm and gig photos

It looks like last.fm is leveraging flickr's machine tags in the next update so that event pages will pull photos... [more]

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lakes of russia at the after dark

Lakes of Russia did another gig at the After Dark bar. Great stuff if you're into fairly laid-back one-man... [more]

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more immediacy

The Immediatists are getting better each time I see them - it's a shame to see only a handful... [more]

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Pink Stainless Tail photos from last night

36 photos from last night's gig at the Brunswick Hotel. I'd never seen that many people in there when... [more]

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new fangled spooner

Don't forget, Pink Stainless Tail at the Brunswick Hotel, Friday night! Not only that, but their album launch for The... [more]

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songs in the afternoon

It seems I'm not the only one who likes the reworkings of Electric Lash, It's No Reason and Grind... [more]

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happy like the tiny mice

I'm not sure how long Muscle Shoals Records (right up at the top end of Lygon St, in East Brunswick)... [more]

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the immediatists, last night

The Immediatists brought us about 2 hours of improvised music which I really quite enjoyed - some (most) moments... [more]

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This Friday (ie. tomorrow night), The Immediatists are playing at Scarlette in Smith St for 2 hours from about 8:30.... [more]

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there's a word for it

I've been back for a couple of days, recovering and getting back into work (and, today, catching up on... [more]

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you better chop me in half

It must be box season - Flying Nun Records has a 25th anniversary boxed set available - The Clean, Bailterspace,... [more]

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retail fireworks, again

I dragged Richard up to the After Dark bar in Northcote last night to see Retail Fireworks again, who... [more]

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while i'm gone

In a case of spectacularly bad timing, I'll be away the whole time while Stephen Cummings does a Wednesday residency... [more]

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photos from the drawing of sound

I had a great time at the East Brunswick Club watching various artists merge guitars and effects all night,... [more]

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the drawing of sound

Apologies for not posting this earlier - Tomorrow night (Thursday, 18th) a bunch of instrumental musicians are descending upon... [more]

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hitting a ton

Labrador Records have an attractively-priced (works out to be about AUD$36 including shipping!) 4-CD boxed set celebrating 100 releases in... [more]

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notable musical moments for me in 2006

I finally got around to buying an Electrelane album (I'd been meaning to for ages, honest). The other two... [more]

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don't think i've forgotten

There's a documentary afoot called Don't Think I've Forgotten, covering the 60's and early 70's when Cambodian musicians (Sinn... [more]

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a rowland s. howard tribute album

Stagger Records has assembled a tribute album to everyone's favourite ghost, Rowland S. Howard. There's appearances by people like Mick... [more]

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the sound of sylvian

David Sylvian's samadhisound label has put up a podcast with 15 minutes of nice sounds - David Sylvian, Derek Bailey,... [more]

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Are you after a ringtone that's better/weirder/more interesting than the usual crap? Try toneshared - they've got a few really... [more]

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a gb3 video(!)

also via the Triffids forum (I never really poked around it before - web forums never seem to work for... [more]

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if you don't get caught...

Via The Triffids website (where Graham Lee talks about last night's gig, too) it turns out there's a new video... [more]

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david toop / robin fox / essendon airport at the centre for contemporary photography

No photos this time - I asked permission and even signed a form they had in case I ended up... [more]

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where to find off the hip's new shop in the city

Power pop and rock 'n' roll merchants Off The Hip have moved their shop from Preston to the CBD... [more]

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what to shop for in summer

If you're itching to buy a bit of music, help out Karmic Hit who need a few more people... [more]

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david toop back in town

To finish off the Music and Postmodern Cultural Theory Conference, author/sound curator/sound artist/interesting guy David Toop will be performing at... [more]

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mark murphy (ripe) at the tote

Down at the Tote, Mark Murphy indulged some of us by playing some of the tracks from Ripe's The... [more]

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snuffed out

Holy fuck. Candle Records to close down March 2007. Who's gonna take over from such an inner-city heart-on-sleeve kinda label... [more]

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pere ubu - why i hate women

It's good to hear some squelchy electronic fuzz again, on an album that's been cursed with the familiar lazy... [more]

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let's go to birmingham

From Resonance FM, a remix of British Transport Films by Richard Thomas. I'm hoping acb already knows about these films,... [more]

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oh no! it's happening again

Pelle Carlberg has a new song available, called Middle Class Kid, from his upcoming album. He's a bit more restrained... [more]

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royalchord are supporting jason molina!

Good news, everyone! Royalchord are supporting Jason Molina at the NSC on the 19th, so now there's 2 very good... [more]

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local experimental music from the 80's

Clinton Green has been posting up mp3s from the tapes that came with each issue of NMA Magazine, featuring various... [more]

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meanjin on rock 'n' roll

Via a friendly northern neighbour (thanks V!), I found out about Issue 3 (of 2006) of Meanjin which is... [more]

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defenders of the axe #3

I caught the tail end of Defenders of the Axe #3 at the Loop Bar on Wednesday night, watching... [more]

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when i was a ...

Found on flickr this evening - photos of a few gigs in the early 80's by The Models, The Church... [more]

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this music could destroy a nation

Sweeping The Nation has a nice Illustrated Guide to the Auteurs for all my friends who thought Luke Haines was... [more]

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big spaceship - dream on

So there I was ordering a few things off Karmic Hit's website (mostly to pick up the re-released Jack... [more]

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gb3 launch gig at the spanish club

Glenn Bennie's GB3 had a warm up gig at Readings 2 weeks ago, but this was the real thing... [more]

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tomorrow is today book launch at the tote

Iain McIntyre (of ninetynine) has written another book, this one called Tomorrow is Today, about Australia in the Psychedelic... [more]

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wonders never cease

Jandek has been remixed.... [more]

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defenders of the axe #3

I didn't make it to #2 (or #1), but the good news is there's a third edition of this night... [more]

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tomorrow is today, on sunday

On Sunday evening at The Tote, Iain Macintyre's launching a book called Tomorrow Is Today, with some musical support from... [more]

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alva noto + ryuichi sakamoto at the arts centre

wow. epiphanous, indeed. hearing a bass hum that loud in the main hall of the arts centre was certainly, well,... [more]

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gb3 in-store appearance, readings, lygon st

Glenn Bennie's GB3 did a gig at Readings on Friday evening to announce the presence of their new album... [more]

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lloyd cole

Suprisingly, The Age has an interview with Lloyd Cole, whose new album Antidepressant is in shops now (I spied it... [more]

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coming up

a few interesting gigs coming soon: GB3 are doing a live in-store appearance at Readings in Lygon St tomorrow evening... [more]

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ponderous processed pianos

Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto are coming to the Melbourne International Arts Festival to do Insen in about 2 weeks'... [more]

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four hours sleep album launch gig, east brunswick hotel, 2006-09-21

I managed to talk myself into popping down to this one 'cause I hadn't taken any live music photos in... [more]

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ABC's dig has a podcasted interview with Kim Salmon and Ron Peno about their current project The Darling Downs, talking... [more]

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just in

Current in-tray: Black Cab's much-awaited second album, Jesus East. Sounds great so far. Holidays on Ice - Playing Boyfriends and... [more]

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that striped dunedin sound

I just semi-randomly found The Clean's video for Tally Ho as shot by Chris Knox all the way back... [more]

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plague songs

No, I never expected to see Stephin Merritt, Laurie Anderson and Scott Walker on the same album, either.... [more]

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all india radio - echo other

It's been three years since their last, self-titled, release, but Martin Kennedy and co. have another sublimely relaxing album... [more]

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bark psychosis - codename: dustsucker

Another CD I've picked up after hearing a track on one of The Wire's cover discs is codename: dustsucker... [more]

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gb3! laura!

hallelujah! there's a new GB3 album out called emptiness is our business, and it's got input from grant mclennan, steve... [more]

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kidney bingos

Severed Heads has a new release out, entitled Under Gail Succubus. If you, er, act soon you get a bonus... [more]

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aisle sounds

While I chuck another mix CD on the fire, I s'pose I ought to mention what music we played at... [more]

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it's beat time, it's hop time

Interesting news via my own comment stream - Pete Scholtes has an interview with some of The Monks, since there's... [more]

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ah yes

Album of the week - Flywheel's What to look for in summer - it's jangly, occasionally moody and it's made... [more]

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the good old days

It's been a while since I've taken any live music photos, so here's a blast from the past while... [more]

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black cab, small sips

Black Cab have their follow-up (at last!) to the very well-received Altamont Diary due out on August 24th, with a... [more]

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family men

I just came across another online music magazine called Earplug, which has a (rather short) interview with Nitzer Ebb after... [more]

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a very special story

The Story of The Fall - another day, another song explained. On Cary Grant's Wedding, we're told: Interesting choice of... [more]

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I received an e-mail a couple of days ago from somebody called Zac, suggesting I come along to The Loop... [more]

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friendly northern neighbours, again

I must admit, I only got into King Curly around the end of last year when a very nice sydneysider... [more]

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remote luxuries

I should be out taking photos, but instead it's all Sweden all the time - my sister mailed me on... [more]

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I've been on a bit of a music-buying spree lately while I'm able to. A journey across the suburb... [more]

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the triffids reissued

The Triffids' Born Sandy Devotional is about to be reissued in "remastered with bonus stuff" form on July 1st, with... [more]

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...from a piece in this month's issue of The Wire about an early 80's German band called Die Tödliche Doris,... [more]

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ghostly crew

I found myself a copy of GB3's Circlework from a couple of years back - it completely passed me by,... [more]

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yellow fever

With a name that's hard to top, Señor Coconut has returned with an album of Yellow Magic Orchestra covers, complete... [more]

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powder rooms

I've been stuck in a bit of a listening rut, lately - I've run out of enthusiasm for re-ripping... [more]

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the universe rolls on

Here's some more photos of Scott Edgar and the Universe, this time from 303 in Northcote. I only caught... [more]

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You may have seen this photo in today's MX - I didn't find out until late tonight, by which... [more]

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rowland around in magazines

I wandered past that new magazine shop on Elizabeth St today and figured I'd see if the new issue of... [more]

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bringing the noise

I've been listening to fairly quiet stuff over the weekend - the new Radio Dept album Pet Grief had just... [more]

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it's cold and dusty in here

via david, Grant McLennan has died at 48, in his sleep. I don't know what to say. The Go-Betweens... [more]

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music nerds of the world...

Via somebody's livejournal I was randomly browsing through, there's an Indiepedia now - there doesn't yet seem to be a... [more]

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the church - uninvited, like the clouds

The Church seem to have found their groove over the last few years, quietly putting out numerous "official", b-side compilation... [more]

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last filesystem for the next 500 something or others

Via buzz's del.icio.us feed, what happens when you feed a radio station into last.fm? It'd be interesting to see the... [more]

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Fabulous news - I've heard from a few places now (friends and Synaesthesia) that ABC's got this new experimental music... [more]

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hey kids, it's monk time

Yesterday afternoon I picked up Black Monk Time, a book about The Monks written by Eddie Shaw and his wife... [more]

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maven - mary ep

Like most people who somehow ended up listening to "Industrial" music in the early 90's, I ended up owning a... [more]

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the five venoms ep

I got home from the latest flickr Melbourne pissup meetup to find a 4-track EP by The Five Venoms... [more]

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never gonna die again

My Rowland S. Howard photos seem to be a bit of a hit with harried publishers, once again. I... [more]

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josh and david

It's hard for me to listen to the new Josh Rouse album, Subtitulo without yearning for his previous effort,... [more]

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acid house kings - do what you wanna do

Speaking of starting again, I may as well point out (perhaps a little sheepishly) that one of the factors in... [more]

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happy men

By now, you've probably already heard that Nikki Sudden died recently. Ed Baxter has a piece over on Resonance FM's... [more]

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My camera's having its sensor cleaned (at last), so I was left to wander the north on a perfectly cloudless... [more]

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easy listening hour

I enjoyed Richard Hawley's mp3s so much I ordered 2 albums from amazon, but of course the mp3s were re-recorded... [more]

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across the

My friend Scott Edgar and his Universe have a new website with a couple of mp3s and gig dates -... [more]

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i dream of you nearly every night, i can't even spell your name

(thanks, Steve!) Demonstrating (perhaps) that myspace isn't just for young'uns, Ripe have re-emerged with a few new tracks available for... [more]

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it's a syn

One thing I noticed on Synaesthesia's revamped website was that Mark Harwood does a show on 3RRR called Wake In... [more]

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nine miles

The Age reviews Ed Kuepper's new 3-CD compilation This is the Magic Mile and interviews David Sylvian about his Nine... [more]

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unknown soldiers

Don't have a 2006 calendar yet? You could always print yer very own Jandek calendar, over at halfcutproductions.... [more]

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r.i.p. derek bailey?

Brainwashed mentions this about the infamous improv guitarist: Unconfirmed reports have come in stating that Derek Bailey passed away yesterday... [more]

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two from lloyd cole

Via my sister, Lloyd Cole has "rough mixes" of two new songs up on his website for a few weeks.... [more]

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gold sound[sz]

Personal highlights of the audio/video stuff at Labrador: Acid House Kings - Do What You Wanna Do : I... [more]

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six pleasantly pleasant albums of 2005

I'm in need of pleasantness right now, since there's a lot of unpleasantness going on in certain parts of my... [more]

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the night before

I've been lolling about at home with some gastro thing since Tuesday, so Christmas festivities have been somewhat postponed for... [more]

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hot tip

A nice tip on Pelle Carlberg from the angry robot. People with a taste for current Swedish indiepop are certainly... [more]

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gorgeous last ever gig, northcote social club 2005-12-06

Despite the various things conspiring to keep me away from live music lately, I made it down the street... [more]

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ed and jens

I just downloaded some Jens Lekman mp3s from Secretly Canadian and discovered that acb is, of course, absolutely right -... [more]

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space travel, rock and roll

There's a new Dengue Fever album out, called Escape from Dragon House, continuing the whole Cambodian popstress plus indie... [more]

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three things

I'm all worn out from finishing reading Simon Reynolds' Rip It Up And Start Again yesterday, but while I remember...... [more]

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upcoming gigs

Shy boy Paddy Mann launches his 3rd Grand Salvo album at the NSC on November the 1st (and his... [more]

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wagons are doing a sunday arvo residency at the earl of lincoln

...through October, from 4pm. Funny man Henry Wagons is still at it. If you're feeling idle, or just passing by... [more]

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a few little things

A piece in The Age on The Devastations (covering familiar ground - they formed from the ashes of Luxedo, how... [more]

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more quiet men

I see Andrew McCubbin and the Hope Addicts are doing a free 5pm gig at the Marquis de Lorne on... [more]

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the noise of plastic

And so, after getting home from a hard day extruding plastic and compressing hot smelly bakelite plus listening to... [more]

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upcoming up the road

Don't forget Howe Gelb is at the NSC next Sunday night (2nd of Oct), then on the 5th Marty Willson-Piper... [more]

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news from the north

I popped into Brisbane on the way home from the conference to have a poke around Rocking Horse (especially... [more]

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new bully in the town

The Laughing Clowns compilation Cruel, But Fair has hit my desk (after ringing up and ordering it only this... [more]

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snarski vs snarski, 2005-09-04 at the nsc

About 18 months after the last time, Mark Snarski was back in town and he teamed up with brother... [more]

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the american analog set - set free

You can, should and will enjoy the new American Analog Set album, Set Free. I didn't even know one... [more]

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chrome-age stoners

I have a weakness for covers albums - the thought of bands taking something known and turning it into something... [more]

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rss feed for beat gig guide

It's been ages since I did something vaguely useful for the world, so here goes. I've written another RSS feed... [more]

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howe gelb coming to melbourne!

Mr Giant Sand will be here on October 2nd, at the NSC. (Smog) is also coming, but I don't see... [more]

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more goodies from cumbersome

I wandered down to Cumbersome Records around lunchtime (the benefits of being able to work from home now and... [more]

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i started a joke

uh, I mean, a group. On flickr. Australian Live Music. Post 'em if you've got 'em.... [more]

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the five venoms at the green room

I wasn't feeling the best on Saturday night, so I didn't accompany my girlfriend along to see her cousin's metal/rock... [more]

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the pink stainless tail at cumbersome records

A rather small crowd gathered to watch The Pink Stainless Tail do an in-store gig at Cumbersome Records (yes,... [more]

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it's about genesis p

The Pink Stainless Tail will be doing an in-store gig at Cumbersome Records tomorrow arvo (around 4pm, according to the... [more]

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here comes the night

This Wednesday's your last chance to catch Ed Kuepper and Jeffrey Wegener at the NSC. Ex-Sunnyboy Peter Oxley joined... [more]

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i have no need for electric light

Via Steve, Gaslight Records has closed down (with a quote from Chuck Jenkins, who had a day job there). I... [more]

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ed kuepper and jeffrey wegener at the NSC, 2005-07-13

[ update: I've uploaded the rest of the photos I figured were worth uploading. ] Here's the Flickr set for... [more]

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the new new fall

Synaesthesia moved up the stairs to Level Two, so I popped by for a look - I picked up... [more]

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snarski vs snarski returns

The Snarski Brothers are doing another gig, alone and together, on the 4th of September. Last time, it was just... [more]

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a drop in the ocean

The Liquid Architecture sound-arts festival (number 6) kicks off on Friday. If you're one of those fellow nerdy types who... [more]

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death of the melbourne music scene, espisode n+1

I was in St Kilda for the first time in ages and popped into Raoul Records to pick up the... [more]

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back...further back...

The thing about having ripped my entire CD collection (or thereabouts) to a large hard drive is that I can... [more]

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The weekend's shopping: Alternative Animals - another late-70's Australian music compilation, with a second disc containing CD-ROM (not DVD -... [more]

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matt handley's return

Well, it's good to see Matt Handley's finally been up to something after all those years since Pollyanna.... [more]

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the word of the lord makes me break out screaming

Meat Beat Manifesto has a new album out as part of Thirsty Ear's Blue Series, called At The Centre.... [more]

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high street mid range low life

Well, if you're not going to see Ron Peno and Brett Myers at the NSC this Friday night, Conway Savage... [more]

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I have a new camera lens, and the new Drones and Boredoms CDs. This somehow helps to make up... [more]

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news from the quiet man

Somewhere towards the end of this Guy Blackman-penned interview with Mick Harvey comes the news that he's got another solo... [more]

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Gaz noticed this Low DVD coming out locally next month. Could be worth a go. Is this where some of... [more]

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ed kuepper returns to melbourne

Ed Kuepper's coming down on the 18th of May to the NSC, with Jeffrey Wegener on drums. Should be fantastic... [more]

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we are glass

Heaps of old band photos from the 70's and 80's. Even Gary Numan's there (via).... [more]

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i see a darkness

Tomorrow (Saturday) night, The Drones launch their new CD entitled wait long by the river and the bodies of your... [more]

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preston power pop

I forgot to mention my Saturday afternoon visit to Off The Hip shop on Plenty Road in Preston (maybe 100m... [more]

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with a king on the way

More news on The Tears from Angry Robot, who came across a Guardian article interviewing Mr Anderson and Mr Butler... [more]

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golden (brown) years

As reported everywhere else already, Simon Reynolds has a new book out called Rip It Up and Start Again about... [more]

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gold soundz

Need a bit more music variety? The Smithsonian's here to help.... [more]

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bury the hatchet

Just in my mailbox (unsolicited, but certainly not unwelcome), David McCormack and The Polaroids are coming, playing at the NSC... [more]

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gentle ben and his sensitive side's return to melbourne

There comes a time, mid-song, when Ben Corbett starts shaking. Each drumbeat's a gunshot and he twists, turns and... [more]

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head like a remix

It's been a good nine years since I bought anything by Nine Inch Nails, but it's still interesting to see... [more]

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the end is the beginning is the end

Hey, it looks like Gentle Ben and his Sensitive Side are back in town this Friday night at The Doot... [more]

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return to life

Ron Peno and Brett Myers of Died Pretty fame are playing the NSC in June with a "special guest" (wouldn't... [more]

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stack shot billy

We regret to inform you that Hideaki Sekiguchi, a.k.a. Billy has passed away by heart attack in the morning of... [more]

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occupied territories

Via the Soleilmoon mailing list, a piece from PSF on Bryn Jones / Muslimgauze.... [more]

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tea in the sahara

I don't blame him for not wanting to be bothered, but I learned something. To this day, when I have... [more]

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head full of pictures

Pink Stainless Tail are playing at the Rob Roy this Thursday night (here's hoping I make it). They're launching an... [more]

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make it easy on yourself

in upcoming "gigs that I'll try and make it to" news: "Cam Bruce (GUD, The Polaroids), Scott Edgar (Tripod), Sim... [more]

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So, now that I've crossed Merri Creek to The New Fitzroy, I've finally managed to plug in the old turntable... [more]

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a simple cut 'n' paste job

Aunty's dig has an interview (also available as a podcast) with Our Tom about his soundtrack for The Illustrated Family... [more]

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i'll never know which way to flow

Via my sister, Teenage Fanclub have a few mp3s on their website, and a new album on the way, too.... [more]

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small steps to the spiral insana

Brainwashed has a podcast. Sounds good so far (Nurse With Wound's Rock And Roll Station and some early Cabaret Voltaire... [more]

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iron and whine

Need more 80's/90's retro? Buffalo Tom's Bill Janovitz has a new band and a new CD and the new Wedding... [more]

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freak scene

Yup, it's another reformation. Can I go back to sleep now?... [more]

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i hear motion

Following on from various people's mention of Amit Singh's motion-sensor-driven Perturbed Desktop, it seems somebody at HP's been working on... [more]

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a knife-fight in a phone booth

The Small Knives are getting around, according to the latest Candle Records newsletter - they're playing with Grand Salvo tonight... [more]

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recent amusements

Recent purchases: Post Industrial Boys: My first purchase of the year, and it was a completely random one - apparently... [more]

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have a bleedin' guess

The Sanctuary reissue of Hex Enduction Hour is in shops (even over here). You all oughta own a copy of... [more]

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eggs benedict and ed kuepper

The two Marios who ran The Continental (and still run Marios Café in Brunswick St) have donated a heap of... [more]

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lambchop are coming!

March 8th at the Corner Hotel (see other Australia / NZ dates over yonder). Two years ago they were "fucking... [more]

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urgent pear delivery for mr wagons

I walked over (just past the new 3RRR offices) to Ceres in Brunswick to catch The Handsome Family, who were... [more]

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quackle and pop

Scott writes about converting old vinyl to AAC on his Mac, which is something I really oughta get around to... [more]

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i'd like to get you on the road again but i'm not gonna try

I hope Golden Rough are still up to something. It's been so long. I miss them. Two of 'em are... [more]

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twenty three minutes in brussels

I just ordered me one of these - it's been ages since we heard anything from Songs: Ohia - around... [more]

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ancient fitzroy history

Following up from the Can't Stop It! late 70's/early 80's post-punk compilation they put out whenever it was not so... [more]

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welcome stranger(s)

I caught Rob Snarski and Dan Luscombe at the Old Colonial last night (no good photos, unfortunately. I didn't have... [more]

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i'll turn my head when you come at me with a spoon

Yeah, (Smog) again. I know, you hate it that he stretches the word into hu-man (see easily led), but you're... [more]

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i must've left it in my other suit

An, er, executive summary of Gang of Four, or something. They're putting the band back together, but at least they're... [more]

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i can feel the heat closing in

It's about time, really. Somewhere in a Sydney hotel room a couple of weekends back I found myself arranging a... [more]

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it's only human to want to kill a beautiful thing

I have my Handsome Family ticket for the CERES evening gig in Brunswick(!) with support from Sally Timms and Jon... [more]

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easy listening hour

Well, it took until today, but the first thing I listened to was all the Richard Buckner I had... [more]

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we are not hard to please

Ashtray Boy are playing at the Tote tomorrow night (support by Ninety Nine, too) but of course, I got a... [more]

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angels destroyed

Coil's John Balance is no longer with us. It was only a month or two back that I'd seen some... [more]

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I sorta got reminded a couple of times lately to go buy some more Pere Ubu (or maybe that new... [more]

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It's been ages since I mentioned what I've been buying lately, so here's the swag I brought back from Sydney... [more]

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words on a page

Random find of the weekend: a handful of photos of some Japanese bands with names as good as Papaya Paranoia,... [more]

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the name of this song is new feeling, and that's what it's about

No Mark Kozelek for me last night - I wore myself out walking around for the day (first time in... [more]

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the next wife

Dave Gedge is reforming The Wedding Present! And he lives in Seattle now? (Meanwhile, I finally have a copy of... [more]

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a few things of note

Wagons new album Draw Blood is finally out (I snagged a copy last weekendjust before having to fly interstate... [more]

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readymade fm

I popped into Synaesthesia on the way home to pick up that new Einstürzende Neubauten collection of early stuff (out... [more]

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i might've been a bit rude, i wrote it in a bad mood

I spotted re-releases of The Wedding Present's Bizarro and Seamonsters in JB Hi Fi with original covers but heaps of... [more]

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silver surfers

There are so many things I can't make it to this Saturday night, and seeing Silver Ray at the Flowercut... [more]

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new brat in town

So there I was on Saturday morning, trying out another new(ish) Brunswick Café and despairing at their idea of Eggs... [more]

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bugles in the afternoon

I'm still alive, but don't have much to show for a net.presence right now. I made it to Cat Power... [more]

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junk man

Goths everywhere are probably cringing at the thought of the Cowboy Junkies covering a track by the The Cure, but... [more]

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50,000 fall fans can't be wrong

At last! All you non-believers should rush out and buy this new compilation so you might finally learn why The... [more]

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i wanna be a cowboy's sweetheart

I crawled over the 2000 CD line late last week. The lucky number went to a new tribute CD with... [more]

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catching bands on school nights

Royalchord are doing an early evening acoustic gig tomorrow (Wednesday) night - 7:30pm at the Rob Roy. Come along and... [more]

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number one, king of pop

Dave Graney's doing a few gigs (May 5th, 12th and 19th) at the Victoria Hotel in Brunswick. Even if you... [more]

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rowland s. howard, gentle ben and his sensitive side at the rob roy, 2004-04-30

Rowland S. Howard put on a pretty good show, finishing up as usual with the wonderfully brooding Panic Moon... [more]

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brunswick st booty

In-tray. I picked up a few things last night on the way to the gig (photos up later tonight, once... [more]

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snarski vs snarski, anzac day eve at the cornish arms

a few photos from Saturday night's Rob and Mark Snarski gig. [more]

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goodbye, farewell...

I don't know whether advance warning (also, here) is a good thing or not, but Robert Pollard'll probably still be... [more]

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well i thought there was more to life than finishing a drink

I've been caught napping on this one, but it seems like those rumours about American Music Club getting back together... [more]

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the brother who lived

Yes! Rob Snarski and Mark Snarski are playing together at the Cornish Arms tomorrow night (24th). They've both got wonderful... [more]

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rowland around in that stuff

upcoming rowland s. howard gig [more]

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you're so pretty when you're unfaithful to me

Congratulations Darren on being a big enough Pixies fanboy to be able to guess which song they'd open their first... [more]

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desperation a.m.

pixies, gang of four, and stuff [more]

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Via the sevs list, Phil Turnbull's put up another pile - the last, it says - of photos of Sydney... [more]

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a few old words

Seems like my Lloyd Cole and the Commotions review's still popular - Some people at A band called O have... [more]

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a pot of carlton, thanks

Hero crossover! David Byrne has covered Lambchop's The Man Who Loved Beer. I just heard it on RRR this morning... [more]

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you will miss me when i burn

Having made it to the end of the new Bonnie "Prince" Billy album, it's pretty obvious that it's intended as... [more]

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brian hooper, hospital memories [more]

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new purchases - lambchop, bonnie "prince" billy, sonic youth are coming! [more]

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metadata before midnight

In case you were curious, or something. I blame orkut for making me find this.... [more]

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royal, not secret

I forgot to mention that I managed to make it along to see Royalchord the Saturday before last (Henry... [more]

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twenty-five seconds of silence

some new CD and vinyl purchases. [more]

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double happiness

royalchord / henry wagons residence at the rob roy [more]

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waitin' for a superband

There was a circus going on last night, with occasional music. Or something like that. The Flaming Lips were here... [more]

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you can always find a drink in shangri-la

They've been pretty quiet of late, and now The Blackeyed Susans are doing their "last show with Dan for a... [more]

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i'd rather take my chances out in burma shave

On the way into work this morning I found the aforementioned new Scientists re-release, Pissed on Another Planet, in Greville... [more]

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"one day i woke up in miami"

Thought you'd heard the last of the Scientists re-releases? think again! Citadel have release Pissed on Another Planet, documenting the... [more]

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smash your head on some old punk rock

Look! A new (well, old) Mekons release. And you thought Jon Langford and co. were busy doing all those volumes... [more]

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would you laika chat with richard lowenstein?

(Attention acb, among others.) Popcorn Taxi are having a showing of Dogs in Space at ACMI at 6:30pm on Saturday... [more]

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pshychic dancehall

Buffalo Daughter have a new album out (Feb 2nd in the UK, and who knows when over here?), called Pshychic.... [more]

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Guided By Voices' Human Amusements at Hourly Rates is the kind of compilation every house should have. It's got everything... [more]

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bring the noise

whitenoise is a small utility which turns your computer into an ambient random noise generator. You may find this useful... [more]

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hail bob

Well, he was 45 minutes late, but Bob Log III officially went off at Missing Link's new digs this evening.... [more]

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straight outta brunswick

3RRR FM have found a new home, in Brunswick even. Yay! I'd only just visited the 3PBS FM building for... [more]

* 15:31 * link · music

not half-dead yet

Just to prove I'm still alive, I've recently managed to: Catch Neko Case at that 3RRR gig at the Laundry... [more]

* 22:00 * link · music

mint sauce

via close your eyes, Lambchop have a double-album (or two related albums, or something) on the way, reviewed here. Also,... [more]

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look for her (she'll be around)

Neko Case, in town for Sunday's Nick Cave gig, is doing a side-show at the Laundry, to be broadcast (i... [more]

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yo la tengo - today is the day

Wow. Take the mournful brain of a slow/sadcore track and rehome it in a Rock Body. Yo La Tengo... [more]

* 21:35 * link · music

steve kilbey on 3rrr tonight

3RRR's Australian Mood is doing a 3-hour show tonight (starting at 7pm, not 8pm), which'll include an interview with Steve... [more]

* 09:57 * link · music

getting yer goat

Via Largehearted Boy, John Vanderslice has some nice photos of the recording of the new Mountain Goats album We Shall... [more]

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Early one mornin' while makin' the rounds I took a shot of cocaine and I shot my woman down I... [more]

* 19:35 * link · music

krazy koz

Splendid interviews Mark Kozelek and reviews his latest project album Sun Kil Moon. He's fallen out of my consciousness this... [more]

* 09:43 * link · music

priscilla's nightmare

I was listening to Stephen Cummings' rockabilly album Firecracker this morning, thinking about how my sister had described it... [more]

* 18:49 * link · music

secret chords and such

Royalchord are doing a launch gig for their new EP Hug the Shadows at the First Floor (393 Brunswick St,... [more]

* 23:42 * link · music


It'd been on my "to buy" list for over a year, and so the day after I heard he'd died... [more]

* 16:59 * link · music

don't forget

The Church will be doing one at The Corner Hotel on December 19th in support of their new album Forget... [more]

* 21:25 * link · music

saint nick brings us an early christmas

Wow. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are doing a Myer Music Bowl gig on December the 7th, with support... [more]

* 10:43 * link · music

you can be wood, i can be smoke

The Blackeyed Susans did an early evening gig at the, uh, Famous SpiegeltentTM. Nice place, though it was too... [more]

* 22:29 * link · music

needle in the hay

Just when you're thinking that maybe enough musicians have died in the last month or two, Elliott Smith has apparently... [more]

* 21:32 * link · music

a bit of help from the dice man

Some of you know my penchant for randomly generated things. Check this out - randomly generated CD covers! Hours of... [more]

* 21:47 * link · music

a few more gigs

The Gamma Rays (instrumental guitar fun, I gather) are playing at the Tote on Saturday afternoon between 5 and... [more]

* 20:11 * link · music

stronger than ever, ever before?

Admittedly, if you own more than three KMFDM albums, you've technically heard these songs before (with a few notes transposed,... [more]

* 11:55 * link · music

old romantics

So, it's not enough for you that Duran Duran are touring here in support of Robbie Williams (much like... [more]

* 18:09 * link · music

from the horse's mouth

I caught a bit of two guys from Wagons on 3RRR's JVG Radio Method this arvo, where Henry Wagons mentioned... [more]

* 15:50 * link · music

more things to do

Silver Ray are gigging again, they're coming to the Cornish Arms on October 31st. Git are doing one at... [more]

* 12:19 * link · music

don't take your guitars to town

I ended up at the Johnny Cash tribute at the Rob Roy, last night, which was raising money for the... [more]

* 11:37 * link · music

r.i.p. au go go

Au revoir, Au Go Go. I bought a lot of CDs (and, once upon a time, a lot of t-shirts)... [more]

* 10:49 * link · music

things to do

I've been a little starved of gig action lately, so here's a few things I'm thinking about seeing: Sime Nugent... [more]

* 10:11 * link · music

spin those bits

Nifty tandom song picker LongPlayer's been ported to iTunes and MacOS X (it's written in Qt, so I guess they... [more]

* 20:43 * link · geek

it's just a little song

I've finally bought a small pile of new CDs somewhere in the middle of my current work madness, but somehow... [more]

* 18:19 * link · music

i think I'll not go back to camooweal

Ye Gods. And I was just listening to Cunnamulla Feller last night, too. I reckon John Williamson said it right:... [more]

* 11:17 * link · music

no f in halstead

There's a new Mojave 3 album due Real Soon Now called Spoon and Rafter (not that you'd know from the... [more]

* 20:34 * link · music

on a happier note...

...happy birthday Steve and Stephen. I've been caught up in a whirlwind of VPNs and tape libraries all week. You... [more]

* 10:09 * link · music

i don't like it but i guess things happen that way

Thanks, man. You made a difference.... [more]

* 09:59 * link · music

more giggage

Sime Nugent and the Forefathers are doing a Sunday afternoon (3:30pm) residence at the Rob Roy - I caught Wagons... [more]

* 10:58 * link · music

"he laughed and said he couldn't help falling in luck"

Well, my quest to collect the back-catalogue of The Jackson Code is finally over now with yesterday's second-hand purchas... [more]

* 10:20 * link · music

piper at the gates of brunswick

Marty Willson-Piper of The Church will apparently be doing a show at The Cornish Arms early in October, with support... [more]

* 14:10 * link · music

grand salvo returns

I noticed the Evelyn advertising a gig with Registered Nurse, Grand Salvo and I Want a Hovercraft on the 13th... [more]

* 10:03 * link · music


How to remove those stickers along the top of a CD? I unhook the front part of the case at... [more]

* 16:17 * link · music

everything old is new again

acb will probably be horrified to know that I spotted a FreshJive t-shirt in Chapel St today that sports the... [more]

* 14:26 * link · clothing

useless inventions (or not) - guided by voices' earthquake glue

Guided by Voices album reviews tend to be a bit like David Bowie ones, preaching about how "they/he's finally back... [more]

* 11:42 * link · music

platform three

It's Sunday, it's washing day, it's get-that-proposal-finished day, it's procrastination day, and it's also Radiothon week, so I've been hearing... [more]

* 16:04 * link · music

for those who came in late...

...3RRR will be doing a delayed broadcast of one of the Interpol shows (last night or tonight, I dunno which... [more]

* 11:11 * link · music

news, of sorts

Josh Rouse apparently has a new album on the way, called 1972. Mark Eitzel's been busy, having just released an... [more]

* 23:21 * link · music

pharmacy records at the rob roy, 2003-08-01

I was a bit too disorganized to make it to Yo La Tengo (who were apparently very good) or... [more]

* 22:02 * link · music

the mountain goats at the tote

John Darnielle (ie. The Mountain Goats) was in fine form last night, providing a show full of wit (both... [more]

* 12:20 * link · music

forgetting oneself

I found mention of a new Church album at Shock. Excellent. I've just been enjoying the resurrected randomness of old... [more]

* 09:48 * link · music

hey little sister - rowland s. howard at the town hall hotel, 2003-07-27

I caught Rowland S. Howard at the Town Hall Hotel in North Melbourne tonight (and god I needed it).... [more]

* 23:00 * link · music

it's so hard to disconnect

I decided to allow myself eggs benedict for brunch (hopefully my stomach wouldn't protest too much) so I went to... [more]

* 21:29 * link · music

priceless but still sold

All these new things to listen to - Steve Kilbey, The Blackeyed Susans, Pete Yorn, Pine Valley Cosmonauts, Git, The... [more]

* 19:55 * link · music

rumble in the tummy

(i've been sick.) Matador have released two mp3s (one at their site, one at the band's website) from Guided by... [more]

* 12:10 * link · music

your new favourite band

The Church have long-been my favourite Australian band. Others like Stephen Cummings, Ed Kuepper and the Blackeyed Susans hover somewhere... [more]

* 10:49 * link · music

all this patching is making me itch

Another day, another Rough Trade compilation. I didn't get the last one yet. Maybe I should just go and buy... [more]

* 16:27 * link · music

the american analog set - promise of love

It's a special kind of Sunday afternoon - 5 hours of sleep and now I'm tapping my feet waiting for... [more]

* 11:45 * link · music

the go-betweens, 2003-06-26 at the corner hotel

Robert Forster's looking rather stately as the years go by, with his silver mane and all. Grant McLennan's looking... [more]

* 17:17 * link · music

the music plays all night in shangri-la

One doesn't expect to hear the Blackeyed Susans while waiting in the local sandwich shop for one's lunch. But there... [more]

* 13:01 * link · music


The JVG Radio Method on 3RRR will be interviewing Stephen Cummings this Sunday afternoon somewhere between 2 and 4pm, talking... [more]

* 09:39 * link · music

susan, it was really nothing

Nobody has a voice quite like Rob Snarski. I heard a new song being played on 3RRR last night, which... [more]

* 10:10 * link · music

return of the grievous angel(s)

While hoeing into my char kway teow at Raffles Place on Johnston St last night, I noticed the Tote advertising... [more]

* 16:28 * link · music

it's a curse

Just quickly, acb and I have had a photo each used in an article at Cosmik Debris about Curse ov... [more]

* 16:19 * link · music


The Flamin' Locos bring coloured-haired rockabilly to The Cornish Arms tomorrow (Wednesday) night, which could be fun. ...but maybe... [more]

* 18:54 * link · music

hotwire and hightail

I can't stop listening to Smog's new album, Supper. The lazy, easy feel of Truth Serum and Our Anniversary (helped... [more]

* 23:41 * link · music

they're coming!

Holy crucial moment, Batman ! Pitchfork sez that the Mountain Goats are coming to Australia. I better start lending Tallahassee... [more]

* 19:47 * link · music

old memories

Trundling down William St on the tram this morning, The Jesus and Mary Chain's April Skies made a surprise appearance... [more]

* 08:57 * link · music

words and music

My ever-sociable housemate Kieran tells me that Kim Salmon, Royalchord and some others are playing at the Brunswick Library tonight,... [more]

* 08:52 * link · music

bill is dead

I'm still alive. I'm trying to be good and, you know, resist the tide of consumerism, but here's a few... [more]

* 19:22 * link · music


Kurt Wagner looked very..."country" last night. Not "country" as in cowboy, but "country" in that cap-wearing, big-glasses, blue jeans... [more]

* 21:13 * link · music


I'm long used to this being a mostly write-only blog, but I'm going to try and solicit some advice nonetheless.... [more]

* 17:23 * link · music

a place called bad

Kim Salmon. The last few times I mentioned him in a particular circle of friends, one of them would sneer... [more]

* 14:49 * link · music

a decade of wit

The Lucksmiths are having a 10th anniversary gig at the Evelyn on Wednesday April the 2nd, with support by The... [more]

* 21:24 * link · music

careless memory

It's completely impossible for me to hear the Modern Lovers song Old World without imagining Robert Forster singing it instead... [more]

* 18:18 * link · music

ian eccles-smith, part two

Ian's put up the original version of The Slaughtering Eye over here - this was the one I was talking... [more]

* 17:58 * link · music

the old guest-host thing

Either I wasn't really awake this morning, or 3RRR played an ad for a new All India Radio album, with... [more]

* 23:58 * link · music

ian eccles-smith

If you spent your Sunday evenings in the late 1980's and early 1990's listening to a show on 3PBS-FM called... [more]

* 14:34 * link · music

stephen cummings album launch gig

Yeah yeah. "Stephen who ?" "if it's not on Trifekta or Spunk! it can't be any good, right ?"... [more]

* 21:10 * link · music

teenage fanclub at the prince of wales

The lads in Teenage Fanclub (especially Norman Blake) look a bit more middle-aged than I remember, though it was about... [more]

* 21:46 * link · music

mike huh?

groussoutart has a few nice little links about recent Mike Watt goings-on. I'd picked up the Minutemen's Double Nickels on... [more]

* 19:25 * link · music

keep yer southern love away from me

The Rob Roy's front bar has a door flanked by their two heroes (I guess) - Clint Eastwood and... [more]

* 21:57 * link · music

news from the time warp

Thought you'd been a long time waiting for the local release of Ladytron's Light and Magic (it's out now) ?... [more]

* 22:02 * link · music

ohio, ohio

The new Songs: Ohia album Magnolia Electric Co. gets a local release (thanks Trifekta!) next Monday, the 10th. 3RRR were... [more]

* 15:55 * link · music


DSL's been installed in my new home, though I still need to buy a desk - despite the versatility of... [more]

* 20:00 * link · site news

quick status report

A first quick listen to the new Go-Betweens album reveals something a bit more laid-back and easy-going than the last... [more]

* 11:14 * link · music

sick of love

Via our GBV fan, Michaelangelo Matos provides 69 years of agony anthems. My take on the list : It's tough... [more]

* 20:58 * link · music

two states

A reformation of The Moodists are playing at the Tote tomorrow night. I haven't yet picked up Two Fisted Art,... [more]

* 21:39 * link · music


I didn't make it to last week's Buzzcocks gig (seduced by slack once more !), but Vanessa did. Was Mike... [more]

* 19:12 * link · music

he always wanted to be a registered nurse

The Pharmacy Records website's had a facelift, with band bios, mp3s and photos. Nice work !... [more]

* 17:54 * link · music

hey hey hey

Calexico win over doubting Splendid reviewer ? I hope the album surfaces here soon. The Cat Power album's a slow,... [more]

* 20:56 * link · music

new record ole 427-2

No Go-Betweens release today (good to see Alex enjoying it, at least), though one shop was playing it this morning,... [more]

* 14:32 * link · music

seeing the music

Indirectly via typographica (well, via rebecky.com if you really wanted to know), gig posters from real soon now and a... [more]

* 23:09 * link · music

release the bats

Word on the Rowland S. Howard mailing list suggests that there's a Birthday Party DVD called Pleasure Heads Must Burn... [more]

* 22:33 * link · music

my evil clone

acb took some nice pictures of Kraftwerk last night with my camera. Good stuff. Also : Pitchfork interviews Sam Beam... [more]

* 20:58 * link · music

those darker forces just ain't real

I've been enjoying the healing power of loud music, today - I was so stressed at work that I wanted... [more]

* 19:56 * link · music

fa fa fa fa fa fa - the adventures of talking heads in the 20th century

I finished devouring David Bowman's fa fa fa fa fa fa - the adventures of Talking Heads in the 20th... [more]

* 19:37 * link · music

tell those men with cameras for eyes

The Church - The Unguarded Moment : Well, I couldn't let this go, could I ? It now sits... [more]

* 19:04 * link · music


Hey, looks like Andrew McCubbin and his Hope Addicts are back from overseas. I might try and get along to... [more]

* 20:42 * link · music

a couple of reviews

Hey, The Ukranians are still going. And somebody likes that Church remix album (now that I'm buying less CDs, I... [more]

* 18:14 * link · music


Darren on Pitchfork's electronic revisionism. Maybe they're just jealous 'cause Jean-Michel got the girl (Charlotte Rampling) ?... [more]

* 17:18 * link · music

giving the boy a complex

It's been a quiet new year for CD purchasing - I'm really trying to be good for a while (which... [more]

* 17:45 * link · music

rob snarski + dan luscombe, wagons at the rob roy this saturday night

Rob Snarski and Dan Luscombe are playing the Rob Roy tomorrow night with Wagons. Both of these acts put out... [more]

* 20:42 * link · music


Calexico's new album Feast of Wire is due on February 10th. So are some remastered Cocteau Twins albums, according to... [more]

* 21:42 * link · music

more old stuff

So, haven't had enough of all that old Australian music with the likes of 2002's Do the Pop! and Born... [more]

* 20:17 * link · music

if we never make back it to california

American Music Club - United Kingdom / California : I'd collected all my AMC and Mark Eitzel albums together... [more]

* 21:53 * link · music

after everything else

Popmatters has a fairly bleak review of The Church's Parallel Universe remix/extras album : ...has the effect of bringing the... [more]

* 19:28 * link · music

we have no bananas

Alex has 10 nice (and not so nice) things to say about The Velvet Underground and Nico. Some time last... [more]

* 20:39 * link · music

damien jurado

Splendid interviews Damien Jurado, which is a nice coincidence - I just found Rehearsals for Departure going second hand on... [more]

* 02:27 * link · music

surfin' cubase-a

The Register: Cubase gets bought out by Pinnacle in California, but read on to see the quote from Ralf Hütter... [more]

* 11:06 * link · music

today's listening

Expanding a little on some of the stuff I put in the right-hand sidebar... the halo benders - god don't... [more]

* 00:50 * link · music


A freshly stocked CD changer's sure to help me cope with the new year. No, really. There's nothing quite like... [more]

* 00:08 * link · music

top N for 2002

Ok, I'm running out of time to sort this out, so here goes: Top 10 new releases of 2002: Neil... [more]

* 20:02 * link · music

registered nurse, in order

Registered Nurse are playing their entire new album Young Husbands in order at the Corner this Friday (3rd of January),... [more]

* 18:48 * link · music

ok, you're a taxi

Marty Willson-Piper's doing a gig tonight at the Corner, which I might drag myself to if I can make it... [more]

* 18:41 * link · music

trifekta records boat party, 2002-12-22

acb and I hopped aboard the Victoria Star for the Trifekta Records boat party, where I also ran into... [more]

* 19:18 * link · music

antlers by night

Graham has a new track up, which reminds me a fair bit of an old Bill Leeb (of Front Line... [more]

* 17:07 * link · music

neil halstead at the evelyn, 2002-12-20

Another nice little acoustic gig, this time from one little English surfer dude and his harmonica. Hi, lo and in-between,... [more]

* 11:22 * link · music

talking about talking about making lists about stuff we liked to listen to

While I start to start thinking about top tens for the year, you can read what I thought back in... [more]

* 22:18 * link · music

reaping the slow road

Hey, looks like me and my high school friends aren't the only ones who really liked that Neil Halstead album... [more]

* 21:52 * link · music

triple word score

Give the gift of music. Somebody's getting a few CDs whose artists coincidentally all start with L. Somebody else is... [more]

* 21:39 * link · music

that's how you sing...

The opening track on the new Low album seems very...well...Slowdive in places, don't ya think ? I (finally) received my... [more]

* 21:32 * link · music

a tiny speck of somebody's history

In the inbox : Iron & Wine, Death in Vegas and a local band called The Hired Guns (I was... [more]

* 21:02 * link · music

candle records tour feb. 2003

Golden Rough's newsletter mentioned they'll be in town on February 15th at the Corner Hotel for Candle Records' next tour,... [more]

* 18:20 * link · music


I broke the 14-day CD-buying drought yesterday afternoon 'cause I spotted the new Church remix+offcuts album Parallel Universe. I can't... [more]

* 11:10 * link · music

a bright yellow february

According to these guys on the Go-Betweens list, the new album (Bright Yellow Bright Orange) hits the US on Feb.... [more]

* 19:56 * link · music


Well, since everybody's been linking to it all week I finally pulled down the new Cat Power mp3. Nice. It... [more]

* 23:02 * link · music

write your own song

So, your favourite band doesn't have a website yet ? Thinking of setting one up for them ? Here's how,... [more]

* 20:23 * link · music

list lust

Graham wants to do another list, this time of the best australiany stuff from the 80's. I've done a quick... [more]

* 16:03 * link · music

lucky dip

So one day you guiltily wander into one of your regular second hand shops even though you just bought 3... [more]

* 14:32 * link · music

damien jurado and gathered in song - i break chairs

I didn't expect something that'd rock so much. I didn't quite expect a country-boy voice that reminds me a little... [more]

* 22:22 * link · music

four big clocks

Laurie Anderson's coming ! February 15th at the Concert Hall. How do you begin to explain Laurie Anderson ? "I... [more]

* 20:57 * link · music

twenty nine degrees and years

In an unprecedented spurt of organization, I already have a christmas present for my parents - the anthology of american... [more]

* 22:23 * link · music

registered nurse album launch at the tote, 2002-11-15

I sat in the beer garden during the support acts, drawn into my book instead of burying myself in the... [more]

* 01:05 * link · music

grand salvo farewell gig at the carlton courthouse, 2002-11-12

It was intimate, crammed into the Carlton Courthouse with a sort of amateur theatre feel to the whole thing.... [more]

* 22:50 * link · music

other new things

Here's what I've been listening to out of my recent purchases (there's a few others, but I don't have as... [more]

* 18:20 * link · music

dave graney in-store gig at borders, 2002-11-10

I happened to be wandering through Borders when Dave Graney, Clare Moore and Bill Miller were setting up for... [more]

* 17:42 * link · music

under the overpass, and over the underpass

I'm a bit behind on having something to say about this week's acquisitions and listenings, but in the meantime you... [more]

* 23:44 * link · music

rowland s howard at the empress, 2002-11-04

Well, ok, the headlining act was Silver Ray but I ended up deciding to leave before they came on (though... [more]

* 10:46 * link · music

dumb ideas for mix CDs

I was listening to the Spoon CD on the way home last night (at an ATM, a little girl asked... [more]

* 16:46 * link · music

your own personal man in black

So you thought Johnny Cash was, uh, pushing the envelope by covering Will Oldham and Nick Cave (or even U2)... [more]

* 16:09 * link · music

up arrow

I've been trying to look after acb's upcoming events page while he's away without corrupting it with country and other... [more]

* 16:00 * link · music

i have nothing to say and i'm saying it

Mogwai's my father my king provides a fine example of the power inherent in the absence of sound - once... [more]

* 21:53 * link · music

silver ray / grand salvo last gigs for a while, registered nurse's second album

Straight from the Pharmacy Records website, it seems like Registered Nurse have finally finished their long-promised second album, called Young... [more]

* 22:28 * link · music

harvest festival 2002

I didn't make it to all of this year's Harvest Festival, just the Corner Hotel and Raoul Records bits. At... [more]

* 21:47 * link · music

trains a comin'

I passed on a Clouds single that had a cover of Wichita Lineman, but I did pick up this... [more]

* 16:58 * link · music

good evening, captain

I caught a bit of Seth Rees' quiet little slow but slightly shimmery guitar-noodling set at Good Morning Captain, until... [more]

* 00:19 * link · music

association is free

I haven't been carrying my discman around much lately, which makes it hard to concretely associate songs with events and... [more]

* 20:55 * link · music

surprising oneself

Having come across the location of the beta Flash 6 player for Linux, I wandered off to the Flash 6-only... [more]

* 20:42 * link · music

back on the road

Good to see RAN ramping up production, lately : Graham on Peter Gabriel's Up : I've been a marginal PG... [more]

* 17:04 * link · music

92 people taking it too fast

I dropped by Second Spin for the first time in a while, and the guy there (whose name I... [more]

* 16:46 * link · music

golden rough in town for harvest festival / gene clark tribute album launch

via their newsletter (the first I've had from them, I think), Golden Rough say they're coming down next weekend to... [more]

* 11:17 * link · music

the old trip

I picked up Moving Parts as promised, as well as the recent reissue of Nikki Sudden and Rowland S.... [more]

* 21:13 * link · music

v/vm are in town

Today's newsletter from Synaesthesia mentions that UK plunderphonic funsters V/VM are in town, and they'll be performing at the Rob... [more]

* 17:00 * link · music

go-betweens news

according to the mailing list, the new album's rumoured to be called Bright Yellow, Bright Orange, and is due around... [more]

* 00:08 * link · music

morrissey at the forum, 2002-10-16

Well. It was good, though having not been to a gig this size in years, I felt a bit distant,... [more]

* 10:26 * link · music


Alex has revitalized and moved to close your eyes. Welcome back ! The Buzzcocks thing made interesting reading...... [more]

* 11:14 * link · music

another rough trade compilation on the way

Rough Trade's got another compilation due right about now - rock and roll 1, the analogue (in both senses) to... [more]

* 23:32 * link · music

the boy is like a tape loop

I'm looking forward to this new Luna EP, even if I've already got Neon Lights - they'd already covered it... [more]

* 22:46 * link · music

set the controls

Splendid's George Zahora interviews the man of a thousand imaginary (and a few real) soundtracks, Barry Adamson.... [more]

* 23:15 * link · music

new fruit for the in-tray

It's certainly been a productive weekend for procurement. I picked up the new releases from Spoon, Interpol (from Polyester, 'cause... [more]

* 15:51 * link · music

all over town

Pitchfork on the new compilation of the The stuff, bemoaning the crappy 12-inch mixes instead of actual rarities : The... [more]

* 21:24 * link · music

kevin blechdom, the sailors, curse ov dialect at revolver, 2002-09-28

acb and I caught some bands at Revolver on Saturday night. First up were curse ov dialect, dressed very...er...all-worldly... [more]

* 08:14 * link · music


My Kevin Blechdom photos will go up on Tuesday (for the first time in the 2 years that we've had... [more]

* 15:52 * link · music

catching up on some random linkage

The Liars are weird like that -- they fake you out, they deceive you, they puzzle the shit out of... [more]

* 18:07 * link · music

rainy wobbly days

So as I paid for another Pere Ubu album in Missing Link this afternoon, the guy behind the counter asked... [more]

* 17:27 * link · music

put me on a slow boat

I've been knee deep in evaluation PCs (funny little shiny things they are, too) and laptops, configuring switches to send... [more]

* 20:14 * link · music

the newer wave

Retail therapy at lunchtime netted me Pere Ubu's The Modern Dance (I've given up thinking about the boxed set, I... [more]

* 20:54 * link · music

arkestral manoeuvres in hoboken

acb reviews the new Ninety Nine album, which I'll be buying out curiosity sometime real soon now - will this... [more]

* 13:46 * link · music

other recent listening - primal scream, lambchop, the notwist, liars

It'd been a whole week and I still hadn't listened to it, but I finally put Primal Scream's Evil Heat... [more]

* 23:01 * link · music

jon langford and sally timms - songs of false hope and high values

I never did mention another random find a few weeks back when I popped into Basement Discs - I'd just... [more]

* 22:15 * link · music

every atom in your body was once in a star

I'm still busy stressing over lots of things (including the imminent hardware upgrade of this webserver), but happy birthday Steve... [more]

* 09:40 * link · music

lucky number 8

What's this about a new Ladytron album ? Fortune was definitely smiling upon me today - Greville Records had the... [more]

* 17:50 * link · music

my life on the away team

I made Mavis another mix CD last week. Maybe it's a bit over-engineered, I'm not sure. It's in four parts,... [more]

* 18:46 * link · music


I'm beginning to think I should just "subscribe" to a couple of record labels (Pharmacy, Spunk and probably Chapter if... [more]

* 18:11 * link · music

current listening - boredoms, vision creation newsun

I went and dug this out of the shelf after reading The Wire's interview with Eye and Yoshimi. Wow. This... [more]

* 18:04 * link · music

the surrogate, 2002-09-05 at boutique

I'll fully admit to having fairly low expectations, given that an old friend I hadn't seen in ages had... [more]

* 17:43 * link · music

tripod - pod august nights II at the prince pat, 2002-08-31

I hadn't seen Tripod in an embarrassingly long time, but fortunately we all got organized this time around. It... [more]

* 22:50 * link · music

a little bit of linkage

Splendid covers the new Barry Adamson release. Sleater-Kinney - fantastic or just ok ? Meanwhile, I finally remembered to download... [more]

* 18:55 * link · music

after everything, now...

From both the official and unofficial sites, it seems there's a follow-on to The Church's After Everything Now This :... [more]

* 22:43 * link · music

more old stuff

Synaesthesia says it's got Chapter Music's release of some old Essendon Airport (David Chesworth, Robert Goodge) stuff, called Sonic investigations... [more]

* 16:29 * link · music

the hits keep on coming. again.

Pitchfork sez that Pavement's Slanted and Enchanted (the one that started me off on them) has been reissued, too. When... [more]

* 14:34 * link · music

friendly local labels

I'd heard a lot of good stuff about the Notwist's Neon Golden (eg. Drawer B's review), and it looks like... [more]

* 17:59 * link · music

sixty-two seconds of you

This week's sanity saver has been 1972 by Giant Sand. I don't get it, but I love it - and... [more]

* 23:15 * link · music

danger, will robinson !

Hrm. I hope it's not really the end, but "thanks for the memes," as one might say.... [more]

* 14:48 * link · music

josh rouse at the corner hotel on august 22nd

He asked, "so, do you guys know who I am, or is this just 'the place to be' on... [more]

* 22:28 * link · music


Graham talks about getting old. While posting a long rambly comment, I wondered exactly what is our generation's defining musical... [more]

* 15:45 * link · music

catching up

Right. I caught Josh Rouse last night (pics up this evening, hopefully), and the blog meetup the night before (as... [more]

* 10:05 * link · music

that was the day

Angry Robot's latest review reminds me of the advice given in the booklet of each Pulp CD - "please do... [more]

* 10:27 * link · music

the sound of the sound of music

I'm listening to the two gay dad albums to try and rouse myself from this after-work torpor. It's almost working... [more]

* 18:55 * link · music

give and take

Happy 3RRR radiothon week. You're probably sick of myself and others telling you this, but 3RRR and 3PBS have both... [more]

* 09:34 * link · music

the other sort of exercise

I'd lent my camera to somebody for a week, so I figured I should exercise it (and myself) while... [more]

* 16:55 * link · photos

it's dark out there

NATN reviews both new Frank Black and the Catholics albums (one, two). I'm not expecting much (certainly the last release... [more]

* 23:39 * link · music

the church - heyday

I just picked up the remasters of The Church's Heyday and The Blurred Crusade this afternoon. So much for... [more]

* 18:31 * link · music


Literally ! There I was, harmlessly grazing on some Pitchfork article when I see mention of the new Mekons album,... [more]

* 16:55 * link · music

taking a bullet for jeffrey lee

via Pitchfork (and the RSH mailing list), there's a Gun Club tribute gig on August 25th. Somebody oughta send Our... [more]

* 17:20 * link · music

rob snarski + dan luscombe, and registered nurse at the rob roy

My first gig since I got back from the holiday, and we hurried over after catching the Zhang Yimou film... [more]

* 19:40 * link · music

how to tell you're back home

There's a million and one ways you really know you're back home after an overseas holiday, but here's my three... [more]

* 17:35 * link · music

the good old days

Inspired, perhaps, by Giles Smith's confessional book about being a music fan and wannabe rock star, Lost in Music, I... [more]

* 17:29 * link · music

lame lame lame

Perhaps it's because I picked up X's Los Angeles and The Cramps' Stay Sick! in Singapore, but right now I... [more]

* 22:45 * link · music


I don't drive (at all), and I haven't played the game, but I have to point out this nice listening... [more]

* 21:58 * link · music

customer service

So we're travelling down the path of internet sales, convenience, shopping from home dressed only in our underwear (not personally,... [more]

* 19:45 * link · music


I'm not much of a badge buyer - I think I had a few at uni, like most people -... [more]

* 21:37 * link · music

yet more josh rouse tour news

Josh Rouse is doing an in-store gig at Basement Discs at 12:45pm on August 22nd. Also, as well as the... [more]

* 21:31 * link · music


I neglected to mention this earlier, but I've overturned my initial (slight) doubt and really come to like (and recommend)... [more]

* 20:50 * link · music

just a little rain

I was casually browsing in Quality Music in Malvern when a sudden hailstorm hit. Oh well, I'll go all the... [more]

* 20:31 * link · music

exit everything

Into this breach flies Archer Prewitt, veteran of the defunct Coctails and the MIA Sea and Cake, and possessor of... [more]

* 11:30 * link · music

at last!

I popped by Polyester tonight, hoping to get that new Neil Halstead EP. Instead, I discovered a copy of The... [more]

* 00:48 * link · music


The Cornish Arms say Josh Rouse is playing there with Ashley Davies on the 22nd of August, as well as... [more]

* 10:23 * link · music

leaving a good-looking corpse

According to the Corner Hotel's website, Died Pretty are doing a final tour of Australia, stopping by the Corner Hotel... [more]

* 20:58 * link · music

trendspotter acrobat

There's a lot of Guided by Voices and related albums out there. Not sure where to start ? Try this... [more]

* 16:48 * link · music


So, those 4 Church remasters aren't enough for you ? Karmic Hit have just released a remaster of Steve Kilbey's... [more]

* 21:26 * link · music


I sat in my room to write a few journal entries and figured I'd put on Whiskeytown's Pneumonia, since I'd... [more]

* 21:23 * link · music

josh rouse is coming

Need some nice, quiet poppy sounding music ? Josh Rouse will be in Melbourne on the 22nd of August at... [more]

* 18:10 * link · music

supersnazz at raoul records

I managed to keep my Supersnazz appointment at Raoul Records, out the back. A good half of the crowd... [more]

* 22:07 * link · music

second helpings

If Salvador Dali and the above-mentioned H.R. Pufnstuf crew were to stage a poetry reading, Death by Chocolate would be... [more]

* 22:11 * link · music

it's only sunlight

what's the problem with country music ? I know, I know. The whole twang thing. The clothes. The accents. When... [more]

* 20:42 * link · music

postcards from the gedge

More nice surprises - Drawer B reviews Cinerama's third album, Torino, which the reviewer suggests may win back some of... [more]

* 12:18 * link · music


An article in The Age talks about speakers, and mentions (towards the end) that scam where some guys driving past... [more]

* 09:48 * link · music

exciting new discoveries

It must be the day for it. Just after a quiet few beers with a co-worker before he wanders off... [more]

* 21:05 * link · music

little pieces of molina

Pitchfork rounds up some of the rare non-album Songs: Ohia releases. I was just listening to Axess & Ace on... [more]

* 21:09 * link · music

all mission of burma, all the time

Salon pitches in on Mission of Burma's past and present, this time.... [more]

* 17:08 * link · music

the sound of the street

Hey, that plastic bucket drummer dude who's been busking in the CBD for the last 6 years (at least) has... [more]

* 09:20 * link · music

when i was a lad...

Angry Robot posts a list of albums to prove that 80's music doesn't (all) suck. I started to try and... [more]

* 22:14 * link · music

handsome family live set

Via this week's Real Life Rock Top 10 at Salon, a Handsome Family live album.... [more]

* 10:29 * link · music

local harvest - a neil young tribute at the corner hotel

Pretty much at the last minute, I decided to go and catch the Neil Young tribute (called Local Harvest)... [more]

* 20:22 * link · music

greetings from the in-tray

I spent all of yesterday at work, so I figured I could let myself do a bit of shopping. Now... [more]

* 15:34 * link · music

severed heads retrospective

Remember Severed Heads ? Forgotten, but not gone, or something like that. I dropped off the mailing list a few... [more]

* 23:19 * link · music

muslimgauze - veiled sisters remix

According to their latest e-mail newsletter, Soleilmoon have released a remixed version of Muslimgauze's 1993 hypnotic 2-CD epic Veiled Sisters,... [more]

* 10:26 * link · music

more on storage

PTTL on CD storage. I still haven't done anything about mine either (see previous post), but I've got a holiday... [more]

* 09:41 * link · music


Angry Robot has some Ivy (and some related projects). A Go-Betweens cover, eh ? Neato. I'll second his recommendation of... [more]

* 09:32 * link · music

difficult listening hour

If you're in the mood for some dead tree perusal, this month's edition of The Wire has a primer on... [more]

* 21:53 * link · music

the end of silence

Namedropped at least as much as Karlheinz Stockhausen, it was only a matter of time before John Cage got in... [more]

* 11:30 * link · music

old man ed

They might not be able to spell his name, but the Cornish Arms' website artist bio area now has a... [more]

* 10:56 * link · music

on the wagon

I've been good and haven't bought any CDs this weekend (in an e-mail a little earlier, I claimed I hadn't... [more]

* 21:41 * link · music

more grand salvo gigs

Grand Salvo seems to be doing a few more gigs in July, including an album launch one up in Sydney... [more]

* 09:23 * link · music

current listening - pet shop boys' tonight is forever

Pet Shop Boys - tonight is forever : from their very first album please, which my sister bought back in... [more]

* 10:52 * link · music

a songs: ohia interview

I forgot to mention this the other day when I was going on about The Last Record Store, but following... [more]

* 21:23 * link · music

born to dangle beneath that hanging tree

Another review, this time from NATN, of Mekons / Waco Brothers / etc. Welsh wonder-dude Jon Langford's Pine Valley Cosmonauts... [more]

* 21:11 * link · music

ed kuepper in the land of pasties

The Cornish Arms in Sydney Road, Brunswick, also has a website, with a gig guide. Look ! Ed Kuepper's coming... [more]

* 20:36 * link · music

brown helicopters

There's a track off the new Guided By Voices album up at epitonic, as well as some new and old... [more]

* 11:30 * link · music

lisa miller at the prince of wales, 21st of June

We decided to make a night of it, pre-dinner drinks, then dinner, and then eschewing the support acts to go... [more]

* 15:16 * link · music

gold, neighbours across the water, and loving jonathan

Furthering my quest to visit more CD shops, I finally went to Goldmine up in Carlton - its existence I'd... [more]

* 14:49 * link · music

the spiritually poor jetset life

So, since I'll be out of town at the time, I'll miss the chance to see Spiritualized at the Prince... [more]

* 16:17 * link · music

real life and postcard views

np. Kraftwerk's Europe Endless, from Trans-Europe Express. Pushed up to 10 out of 10 in that "longplayer" program thing. Nothing... [more]

* 16:07 * link · music

strange hours

David Bowie covering a song by The Pixies ? I never thought I'd see the day. Still, I never thought... [more]

* 22:26 * link · music

current listening - the handsome family

The Handsome Family. What an odd couple. She (Rennie) writes the lyrics, he (Brett) sings. They both play the instruments.... [more]

* 21:43 * link · music

last and found

Perhaps to prove to you all that I don't know every single shop in this town, I was on Smith... [more]

* 22:47 * link · music

new adventures in curvaceousness

Angry Robot dude weighs in on that new Curve album that they released all on their own.... [more]

* 11:25 * link · music

town and country. oh, and a giveaway.

I got the newsletter from Synaesthesia saying that, among other things, they had Ground Zero's "plays Standards" in, at a... [more]

* 20:17 * link · music

one more

Lisa Miller's playing the Prince of Wales on the 21st of June, with Rebecca Barnard, Ross McLennan and somebody else... [more]

* 09:36 * link · music


via the Pharmacy website : Registered Nurse are playing the Empress this Friday the 14th. Silver Ray's new album launch... [more]

* 07:17 * link · music

the things you find...

Idly poking around at stuff, I found the Neil Halstead area at 4AD. I'm not entirely sure what I'd do... [more]

* 19:16 * link · music

it's only sunlight

I was lent a copy of everything but the girl's acoustic album last night by Eugenie (who also makes very... [more]

* 18:40 * link · music

top 5 so far

it's almost the middle of the year - maybe this'll help me think things through a bit more when the... [more]

* 17:44 * link · music

30 seconds over caulfield

I have grand plans to buy the entire "early" Pere Ubu catalogue in one fell swoop one of these days,... [more]

* 17:02 * link · music

see you on rooftops

I finally spotted the new Luna album, although it hasn't particularly grabbed me upon first listen. I'll give it time.... [more]

* 15:24 * link · music

simple headphone mind

I found something called LongPlayer on FreshMeat today, which looks suitably useful. After all, I fit the target audience :... [more]

* 12:45 * link · geek


Once in a while, I let myself be seduced by the thick, lusty bassline of an old Cowboy Junkies cover,... [more]

* 21:48 * link · music

dem bones

A co-worker (6 floors away, and working at the other end of the company, but a co-worker nonetheless) has moved... [more]

* 15:22 * link · music

mr johnson

Resident shiny new guitar owning vinyl idolizer Vanessa took some photos the other night. Unfortunately I've no idea of the... [more]

* 15:01 * link · photos

alpha surfari

I went a little overboard - everything was fine until sunday afternoon when I found myself in Greville Records because... [more]

* 14:51 * link · music

into the land of ghosts and promises

I hadn't ever really heard anything particularly good about Damon and Naomi (from friends, people in CD shops, etc), until... [more]

* 09:44 * link · music

why i love country music

(as in, the Lloyd Cole and the Commotions song...). I neglected to mention Alex's piece on depressing music, and the... [more]

* 09:23 * link · music

your mission, should you choose to accept it...

Steve Albini talks about and to Mission of Burma (via grossoutart). I haven't even begun to penetrate the VU boxed... [more]

* 19:50 * link · music


A few things I spotted over the weekend : PTTL lists the fanboy-voted Top 50 Robert Pollard songs. I'll have... [more]

* 09:53 * link · music

acquisitions and such

I'm not quite in the mood to list them all, but I gave into the old "I could buy all... [more]

* 07:41 * link · music


Walking down Brunswick St on Saturday, I passed this furniture shop, which sells CD-shelving in a variety of sizes. I'm... [more]

* 07:36 * link · music

quick linkage

I've been a bit slack with my linkage, so : PopMatters reviews Teenage Fanclub's Howdy, which didn't even get a... [more]

* 22:49 * link · music


Hmm. So Chapter Records is being put on hold while Guy Blackman goes off to Japan, and Richard Andrew keeps... [more]

* 22:44 * link · music

mister zorn

I've been on a bit of a John Zorn kick, although there's a frightening amount of stuff out there for... [more]

* 22:22 * link · music

supergrass back in town

Supergrass hit the Palace on July the 18th, according to the band's website (although I heard it via some mailing... [more]

* 10:45 * link · music

post-punk x-men

acb reviews Can't Stop It, that local 1978-82 post-punk compilation with a good range of interesting stuff on it (not... [more]

* 09:07 * link · music

sime nugent and the forefathers at the builders arms, may 19th

A good night for being indoors at a cosy pub to watch an up-and-coming band, especially when it's only $5.... [more]

* 22:16 * link · music

hop on the number (1)12

Polyester in Brunswick St, Fitzroy are having a 15% off sale (everything, even imports), apparently. Of course, I only discovered... [more]

* 11:10 * link · music

doing the rounds

Timmy gets on a Red House Painters kick. Intrepid BlogHunter Alex digs up some more interesting reading (although all that... [more]

* 22:18 * link · linkage

ears to the ground

all this waiting until the weekend before I let myself buy any more CDs is...I dunno. I guess it's working... [more]

* 17:55 * link · music

when i wasn't paying attention

Nude as the News and Drawer B weigh in on the new Elvis Costello album. Not owning much of the... [more]

* 09:46 * link · music

middle class revolt

Happy anniversary, indeed. I remember vague bits and pieces in the late 80's, when I used to listen to Lawrence... [more]

* 20:51 * link · music

ride, horsey, ride

Remember, there are only three Sparklehorse albums in existence. DO NOT OVERLISTEN. Once they're used up, there'll be nothing else... [more]

* 00:17 * link · music

jesus met the women at the well

I was going to mention The Age's article, but david did instead, so that'll do. I can't help thinking of... [more]

* 00:12 * link · music

under the influence

So I sat on the tram changing CDs of stuff I'd recently mp3'd while passengers glared at me, in my... [more]

* 22:33 * link · music

thank you for sending me an angel

RAN has a rather positive review of Luna's Romantica (I don't think it's out here yet ? I certainly didn't... [more]

* 11:15 * link · music


Wow. I wasn't expecting this - Splendid has a nice, long interview with Steve Kilbey from The Church, who I... [more]

* 22:47 * link · music


I'd actually managed not to buy anything for a whole 6 days, but today I picked up the two new... [more]

* 22:07 * link · music

registered nurse - strippers

registered nurse - strippers (1999). the nights are long my credit's good. Pharmacy Records boss Richard Andrew's been kinda busy... [more]

* 21:33 * link · music

fifteen seconds of silence

5plendid reviews a Mark Eitzel show. I hope these guys come back to life soon (web forums aren't really my... [more]

* 23:12 * link · music

scud mountain boys - massachusetts

scud mountain boys - massachusetts (1996). it seems like a year since i've even felt a thing. This album has,... [more]

* 21:22 * link · music

beat happens

Maybe this is how I can catch up on some of that old Calvin Johnson stuff (via pitchfork).... [more]

* 20:14 * link · music

the fall - slates / a part of america therein, 1981

the fall - slates / a part of america therein, 1981 (1981 / 1982). leave the capitol exit this roman... [more]

* 19:30 * link · music


If you're in the right place at the right time, maybe you can listen to this.... [more]

* 20:36 * link · music


a few things I'm thinking of catching in the coming weeks : according to the Rowland S. Howard mailing list,... [more]

* 15:34 * link · music

ed kuepper - today wonder (remastered)

ed kuepper - today wonder (remastered, 2002). A quick visit to Raoul before getting my hair cut revealed the release... [more]

* 14:10 * link · music

city shopping - yuka honda, et al

I was on my way through the city the other night, to go and see Gosford Park with a couple... [more]

* 14:08 * link · music

nurse with wound - man with the woman face

nurse with wound - man with the woman face (2002). This arrived from distant shores around Tuesday. As with an... [more]

* 14:07 * link · music


Two new reviews : Splendid reviews Buffalo Daughter's I. I've been holding out on buying this, in case I can... [more]

* 23:27 * link · music

found, found, found

The things you find in JB Hi Fi sales, languishing in discount bins... : Built to Spill - Ancient melodies... [more]

* 10:20 * link · music

rollins band - get some go again

rollins band - get some go again (2000). I've been at work all today (saturday) putting new disks in a... [more]

* 16:08 * link · music

go-betweens reissues

Well, it'd been rumoured to be on the cards for a while, and according to a post to their fan-run... [more]

* 15:34 * link · music

not drowning

Hmm. Lambchop's is a woman is finally starting to weave its magic over me, now that I finally pulled it... [more]

* 23:12 * link · music

the church - gold afternoon fix

The Church - Gold Afternoon Fix (1990). I'd always kinda liked The Church since I first saw them on TV... [more]

* 21:45 * link · music

golden rough at the empress, april 25th

I must say, Dave Orwell of esteemed Sydneysiders Golden Rough reminded me a heap of a guy who works... [more]

* 19:23 * link · music

fill me in

Graham (love the new photo, btw) reviews that old Paul Kelly live album. Angry Robot talks about Lloyd Cole's electronic... [more]

* 09:14 * link · music

grand salvo album launch gig, april 21st

For a guy who appears to embody the loner mould on stage better than say, Mark Eitzel or Joe... [more]

* 18:46 * link · music

fly me to the moon

Just when I was wondering what else I was gonna listen to for the rest of the year, Pitchfork tells... [more]

* 18:02 * link · music

how to be good

I've been practising being good, spending all afternoon in St Kilda without buying anything other than Lamchop's Tools in the... [more]

* 10:35 * link · music

we are the new fall

a couple of things arrived from the, uh, Mother Country while I was busy thrashing about the office this morning... [more]

* 22:48 * link · music

proclaiming his joy

"if I had a song that could dissolve you like sleep..." Well, ok, he tripped on the stairs coming... [more]

* 20:14 * link · music

guided by choices

(last night's Mark Eitzel pics oughta be up this evening. also, there seems to be a new site, which didn't... [more]

* 10:20 * link · music

ed kuepper at the corner hotel, april 12th

I've never seen Ed Kuepper so lively. After 29 years of music-making you think he'd be ready to slow... [more]

* 19:14 * link · music

the pernice brothers at the corner hotel, april 11th

If you've heard any of Joe Pernice's songs, you wouldn't think of them as the kind of thing that'd... [more]

* 18:52 * link · music

wolfgang flur - i was a robot

Wolfgang Flür - I was a robot. It's hard to avoid sympathizing with Mr Flür, who (along with Karl Bartos)... [more]

* 14:18 * link · music


That's just a quick teaser - the rest of the Pernice Brothers pics oughta go up tomorrow when I... [more]

* 11:20 * link · music

strike while the irony is hot

The Onion Does It AgainTM - 37 record store clerks feared dead in Yo La Tengo concert disaster. "These people... [more]

* 09:51 * link · music

lost in space

Just after I read this gig review of a Man or Astroman? gig, my co-worker shows up to work, saying... [more]

* 23:22 * link · music

lloyd cole and the commotions - easy pieces

Lloyd Cole and the Commotions - Easy Pieces (1985). Even though it's not in my desert island discs list, it's... [more]

* 22:25 * link · music

steve earle, dan brodie

Bruce and I caught Steve Earle's final Melbourne gig at the Prince of Wales. He played a good range... [more]

* 19:57 * link · music

more review linkage

...a couple of reviews of things I'm curious about : A slightly over the top review of Wilco's almost-lost-album, Yankee... [more]

* 10:10 * link · music

i almost lasted...

...until the weekend. But since your friend and mine was quickly gonna take me to her bookshop (that I was... [more]

* 22:00 * link · music

david toop visits melbourne

Whilst paying for a couple of things in Synaesthesia, there was a little flyer at the counter announcing a talk/performance... [more]

* 21:01 * link · music

5 years in a PC camp

...via Fall News : The Fall at a glance - includes the all-important "who's in the band this week". The... [more]

* 22:59 * link · music

obligatory music content

Bruce pointed out that even Telstra's getting into it now. An interview with Joe Pernice, and a review of In... [more]

* 20:40 * link · music

gift received

As I mentioned a week ago, another mix CD made its way out into the world. Since it's now in... [more]

* 22:20 * link · music

that "I Knew Buffalo Bill" CD reissue

...is available from Scratch Records at the affordable-even-from-this-side-of-the-Pacific price of USD$8.99. Go get yerselves a piece of 80's supergroupness. courtesy... [more]

* 16:25 * link · music

poking around

A couple of other reviews of things that have been on my mind, and hence an attempt to inject a... [more]

* 11:19 * link · music

the western lands

More recent acquisitions. Thursday : Giant Sand - Cover Magazine : I'd been meaning to pick up a Giant Sand... [more]

* 17:13 * link · music

mark eitzel at the evelyn

I caught Mark Eitzel at the Evelyn last night, despite my oncoming cold - fortunately he was on before... [more]

* 09:18 * link · music


Oh, here's that mix-CD that went par avion the other week. The next one enters postofficeland tomorrow, destined for another... [more]

* 23:41 * link · music

the go-betweens with the lucksmiths at the corner hotel

"Ok, you've caught us out," said the Lucksmiths' drummer/vocalist. "We're actually miming to that guy down there," acknowledging the... [more]

* 18:07 * link · music

the turgid miasma of existence

So far, it looks like I might not have time to process the 195 photos from last night's Lucksmiths /... [more]

* 11:53 * link · music

at last

I'm seeing The Go-Betweens (well, Robert and Grant at least - we mustn't forget Lindy) at the Corner tonight. The... [more]

* 11:39 * link · music

stop!! before playing this record be certain your health is good

I found a self-titled album by the's in Raoul. They didn't seem to sing very well, but it didn't... [more]

* 18:15 * link · music

current listening - the steinbecks - draining the pool for you

There've been a few bands from these shores (The Church being one that immediately comes to mind) that could've almost... [more]

* 16:26 * link · music

blip squelch thump

I made a quick lunchtime pilgrimage to Synaesthesia yesterday, to get this Nanoloop compilation along with the new Rough Trade... [more]

* 11:08 * link · music

lost !

I'm having a lot of trouble trying to find out where I left my copy of the Merzbow album door... [more]

* 00:02 * link · music

full speed ahead

The first picture is most of the CDs I removed from the changer last week. The next two are... [more]

* 22:12 * link · music

eitzel on the way

Good thing I was paying attention for a change, as the tram passed the Evelyn, 'cause it said Mark Eitzel's... [more]

* 16:23 * link · music

breaking a short drought

I'd managed to hold off for an entire week, but since I was in Chapel St, it was hard to... [more]

* 16:00 * link · music


I want to find useful things to say about music I've bought recently, but instead I find myself (for the... [more]

* 00:04 * link · music

new Rough Trade electronic compilation

Rough Trade follow on (I suppose) from their 25-year anniversary boxed set with a nice-looking 2-CD compilation of electronica called... [more]

* 09:48 * link · music


Another mix CD done, in a flurry of productivity that had me making more space in my room, sweeping... [more]

* 22:51 * link · music


What a haul ! 7 CDs for $44, from the outside bin at Quality Music in Malvern. Two of them... [more]

* 17:00 * link · music

last tram to slowville

I got there in time for a drink before Slowville started, on a tiny stage in the back room. A... [more]

* 00:08 * link · music


It's tempting, as always, to sit here all night and...well...not mope, I don't mope as much as I used to,... [more]

* 20:25 * link · music

a box of metal and plastic things

I've emptied, and (so far) half-filled my 200-CD changer. It's a thankless task, all those cases in piles and piles... [more]

* 22:21 * link · music

the red room

First of all, I wandered into the city, bracing myself for the Grand Prix crowds, although it didn't turn... [more]

* 23:20 * link · music

we never close

The Blackeyed Susans played at the Rosstown in Carnegie on 2002-03-02. These guys always put on a good show.... [more]

* 01:25 * link · music

pre-dinner shopping

I passed through the city on the way to see Uncle Bill yesterday, and dropped into Missing Link : is... [more]

* 18:08 * link · music

40 miles to saturday night

Uncle Bill's last gig at the Czech Club in North Melbourne, March 1st 2002. Gerry Hale quipped "wow, there's... [more]

* 14:21 * link · music

one mike

I woke up knowing I could sing an old song called Moonshiner to the tune of Tugboat's jangly gem, Northern... [more]

* 11:02 * link · music

mix CDs

Since it has now landed in the hands of its recipient, I can give away the contents of that mix... [more]

* 12:00 * link · music

the very strange night

Songs: Ohia were playing with the Art of Fighting at the Corner - whilst I could probably get around... [more]

* 11:33 * link · music

current listening - golden rough - provenance

It's not really out until March the 3rd or so, but I picked up a copy of the new Golden... [more]

* 11:46 * link · music


"once or twice to kill my pain and once to bring it back again" The Corner Hotel's finally put a... [more]

* 09:07 * link · music

it never ends

We were breakfasting in Chapel St and DVD-hunting for Mavis' brother in law, and such. Last weekend I'd spied that... [more]

* 19:33 * link · music


Inexplicably, Raoul had a 21% off (like, off everything, but cash only) sale, just when I was trying to be... [more]

* 18:58 * link · music

airwaves and outlaws

By pure chance I got home just in time to read my mail and find out that Stefan was doing... [more]

* 17:35 * link · music

going south

I unexpectedly received a couple of gifts yesterday - Chi gave me another of his wonderful mix CDs, along with... [more]

* 21:15 * link · music

magic, fear and superstition

Kenneth Branagh was born today too, eh ? I wonder what that means. Very much enjoying the curse of the... [more]

* 23:19 * link · music

shock treatment

The shock of seeing a new release for $40 (see over there) wasn't quite the end of it. I wandered... [more]

* 22:27 * link · music


It arrived ! I'm justifying this as my birthday present to myself in an effort not to feel guilty... [more]

* 10:10 * link · music


The other things that turned up this morning with the fabulous Ladytron CD were the two Tipsy albums, Trip Tease... [more]

* 22:09 * link · music

remember i was vapour, remember i was just like you

Listening to the new Ladytron album (604) makes me feel young again. Space travel's something that's going to happen Real... [more]

* 13:44 * link · music

stationary space

The idea of playing surf music - that Man or Astroman? one I picked up - while I restored files... [more]

* 22:03 * link · music

stuck in the in-between

I had to work, and in between that tech-support rollercoaster - where you think "aha ! this is the missing... [more]

* 16:12 * link · music

people thought my windows were stars

It was the kind of day at work where I needed comfort, and in between all my fretting I only... [more]

* 23:18 * link · music


My CDNow order arrived : The Mekons - Curse of the Mekons / Fun '90 : More magic that I'm... [more]

* 21:52 * link · music

a small nick of time

I was washing my bedroom windows in (well, as much as I could reach) in the late afternoon, listening to... [more]

* 20:35 * link · music


Doing anything on Februrary the 16th ? If you're not going to somebody's wedding like I am, you should get... [more]

* 20:15 * link · music


After yesterday's wedding, I eased into the day, but once I got to the first CD shop there was no... [more]

* 17:09 * link · music

current listening - ed kuepper - the diving board

1995's A King in the Kindness Room was, at the time, noted more for Ed's beautifully twisted cover of Highway... [more]

* 16:51 * link · music

current listening - refused - new noise

After a confusing and muddled day, sometimes there's nothing like some primal noise to make it all better. I've had... [more]

* 22:08 * link · music

bip bip bip bop bop bop

it's a nice coincidence so I guess that means I oughta buy it : random wanderings took me around a... [more]

* 14:34 * link · music

four seasons of trouble

I don't often buy vinyl, and usually I can't even be bothered browsing through it, but since I was killing... [more]

* 18:38 * link · music

ninety nine at the corner hotel

I managed to catch up with Haiyan before she heads back to Canada, and then we wandered down to... [more]

* 10:28 * link · music

midday purchasing

Whilst out doing some other shopping, I ended up near Second Spin, and, well... : Arab Strap - The Red... [more]

* 17:50 * link · music

current listening - stephen cummings - when day is done

I'm doing a last round of the 200 CD changer before I restock it from scratch, and up came Stephen... [more]

* 23:31 * link · music

wanna hear my heart break, if it must break...

Songs: Ohia are coming to Melbourne ! 22nd of Feb at the Corner Hotel with Art of Fighting (although AoF... [more]

* 13:02 * link · music

things to do on hot days

So rather than going out into a 35 degree day or whatever it was going to be, or generating more... [more]

* 23:26 * link · music

the curse of the mekons

CBD shopping today, whereupon I was hoping to be able to listen to a copy of Alex Chilton's Like Flies... [more]

* 16:53 * link · music

i wasn't really expecting this

...but it seems that Mission of Burma are reforming for a couple of gigs. I'd just picked their two studio... [more]

* 23:42 * link · music

mystery plane

It's not the kind of weather for doing much other than sitting around and waiting for the cool change, but... [more]

* 19:22 * link · music

fire, fire

The Gun Club were on my "hover" list. Occasionally I'll see a CD in a shop somewhere, and in... [more]

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so one way you can pass the time on Christmas Eve is to restock that little bag of CDs you... [more]

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simon reynolds on post-punk

...since I'd never remember to buy Uncut anyway, and besides, this one's longer. Also, this showed up on the same... [more]

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uncle bill at the czech club, north melbourne

I had some time to kill beforehand, so I started reading my book (Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha) at a cafe... [more]

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today's shopping

A quiet wander around the CBD. First stop Missing Link. I'm about to walk out empty-handed when the guy in... [more]

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current listening - the wedding present - love machine

I've been listening to a lot of country music, but sometimes I let my random mp3 choosing script do the... [more]

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top something or other

Giving in to rampant listage, here's mine, gathered from the *mumble*-hundred-and-17 CDs I've purchased so far this year. (of course,... [more]

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current listening - yo la tengo - fakebook

Yo La Tengo - Fakebook. A walk in the park. I'm quite fond of cover albums - creative reinterpretation of... [more]

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long may she rain

I needed to feel the pavement under my feet for a while. It didn't matter about the weather, I took... [more]

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current listening - this sad paradise / april wind e.p.

Golden Rough - This Sad Paradise and the April Wind ep. Suburban existential music. or something. I picked these up... [more]

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current listening - out-takes, castaways, pirate women and takeaways

A new collection of Ed Kuepper oddities, while we patiently wait for the remastered Today Wonder. I had some time... [more]

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succmbing to link-o-rama

But this is a nice review for an album you all ought to own.... [more]

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this weekend's non-purchases

It really feels like I'm running out of things to buy. Honestly. The last few times I've wandered into Greville... [more]

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current listening - the thin man bordello

various artists, the thin man bordello (2000). I've hardly bought anything in the past 2 weeks, so I'm going back... [more]

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current listening - spit the blues out

The Saints, Spit the blues out (2001). It's true that Chris Bailey's always worn his influences on his sleeve, all... [more]

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current listening - Evil 94.97

Underground Lovers - Evil 94.97 (2000). I bought this at their 10 year anniversary gig earlier this year. Not having... [more]

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current listening - The Power and the Passion

various artists - The Power and the Passion ... a tribute to Midnight Oil (2001). My sister lent this to... [more]

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more weekend purchases

Every time I buy a few more CDs I think "right, that's it, I'll stop for a while so I... [more]

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Number 1400, Pizzicato Five's The fifth release from Matador (2000). See also number 1000. Yes, only that long ago.... [more]

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current listening - Skeleton Key

Stephen Cummings, Skeleton Key (2001). It's often considered dangerous, I suppose, to be reviewing (such as it is) things this... [more]

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current listening - Moon Pix

Cat Power, Moon Pix (1998). "she plays the difficult parts and I play difficult" I spent all day in a... [more]

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just to get wet on purpose

Catching up with some videos from Rage from the past couple of weeks... The Blackeyed Susans - Private Dancer :... [more]

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john, I've been bad, and they're coming after me

The problem with wandering into shops like Dick Smith's Megastore with another music head (in this case, my sister) is... [more]

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current listening - The Monkey Puzzle

...and how I chose a name for this blog. The Saints, The Monkey Puzzle (1981). I needed something to listen... [more]

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notes from a small island

What I Bought On My Holidays by Andrew James Cosgriff age 28 and a fair bit. So I was in... [more]

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recent purchases

Today's "oh my god I've got to get my arse down to this" : Marquis de Tren and Bonnie Prince... [more]

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