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current listening - the wedding present - love machine

I've been listening to a lot of country music, but sometimes I let my random mp3 choosing script do the walking, and it picked up The Wedding Present's Love Machine.

Yes, country music and The Wedding Present in one sentence. This may seem odd at first, and certainly, hearing Love Machine blasting between my ears all of a sudden was like a (loud) breath of fresh air. But Dave Gedge thrives on writing songs based around the same subject matter as, say, Hank Williams, it's just been urbanized for modern boy (and girl) consumption. Pre- and ending and post-relationship songs.

"I think you're fab, let's hook up."
"Who's that badly dressed guy I saw you with the other day ?"
"Why are you leaving ? don't go."
"Make up your mind !"
"Bugger it, just go then."
"You'll be sorry."
"I'm sorry. Come back !"

...but I'm not trying to trivialize it. There's a billion ways people can create wonderful songs around these themes. The grass is always greener. I wonder if there are any good songs about people who are happy being single ? Not in the "I'm glad it's over" or "when I say I'm happy I'm actually dying of loneliness inside" kind of way, but just in a "everything's just fine how it is" way ?

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