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I've been on a bit of a music-buying spree lately while I'm able to. A journey across the suburb to the ever-friendly Mickster at Off The Hip netted me a couple of stickers for the new laptop (see above), along with the new Mink Jaguar and Radio Birdman releases on CD, while on vinyl I came out with Brian Hooper's Lemon Lime and Bitter and a Spencer P. Jones compilation thingy. All good stuff, but that's not all! A couple of journeys into Polyester to fetch things for acb netted me another Richard Hawley album (Long Black Train's a stunning track. Honest.), a very nice Conway Savage album (Nothing Broken - earlier than the other ones I have, I think) and the re-released Born Sandy Devotional by the Triffids. The Handsome Family have a new album called The Last Days of Wonder out, containing plenty more odd humour. Their website mentions a possible Feb. 2007 Australian tour (they were great last time). Today I broke down and bought jPod along with another couple of books of Bukowski's poetry to provide plenty of tram-reading pleasure. That oughta do.

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You're so right about Richard Hawley! I first heard Long Black Train while watching V For Vendetta (it's on the soundtrack) and that sent me trawling for other solo songs by him. He has a truly heartbreaking one called It's Over Love. Have you heard it?

> Posted by hot soup girl at July 10, 2006 2:09 AM

yes! there's a couple of mp3s up on his website, including that one. I started with them, and picked up Coles Corner and Lowedges around the end of last year. It's all good.

> Posted by cos at July 10, 2006 10:15 AM

Yeah, I found It's Over Love on his website too. What I love about that song is the way he gives the phrase about four slightly different meanings purely with intonation. It has a real delicacy to it. I reckon I'm going to have to fork out for an album now you've given the recommendation.

> Posted by Hot Soup Girl at July 12, 2006 10:27 PM

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