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it's so hard to disconnect

I decided to allow myself eggs benedict for brunch (hopefully my stomach wouldn't protest too much) so I went to Toast again, 'cause I figured they'd go easy on the hollandaise (they did, though it wasn't quite the work of art I got last time). For reasons unknown, sitting out on Smith St, I just couldn't get Jarvis Cocker's whining out of my head. It was a stretch of something or other from the chorus-y part of Bad Cover Version (having come back and worked out which song it was), but I couldn't remember at the time, and I couldn't even remember the actual words - instead all I rememebr is that every Pulp album says "please do not read the lyrics while listening to this album", and so, well, I don't. So it was just Jarvis and a bunch of syllables and strings and well, it wouldn't go away. More to the point, where did it come from?

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