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hey little sister - rowland s. howard at the town hall hotel, 2003-07-27

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I caught Rowland S. Howard at the Town Hall Hotel in North Melbourne tonight (and god I needed it). A one man guitar attack, but I said that last time, I'm sure. From Dead Radio through to Panic Moon we had a nice, loud selection of treats (including a cover of that Dolly Parton song Dover, that I've also heard Sally Timms do recently). Crowned was dedicated to Tim Hemmensley (RIP), of Powder Monkeys, Bored, etc. fame. Done up in red, and guzzling a latté between songs, Rowland showed he's still got some fire in his gut. Excellent stuff.

Also, did you spot the RSH/Lydia Lunch album cover stuck in the midst of all the paraphernalia on the wall? I nearly bought that once in Greville Records, but by the time I made up my mind and went back for it a week or two later, it was gone...

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