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not half-dead yet

Just to prove I'm still alive, I've recently managed to:

  • Catch Neko Case at that 3RRR gig at the Laundry on Friday evening (photos up soon). After I got home, I figured I'd wander down the street to the Cornish Arms and see if I could get a ticket for Lloyd Cole, who put on a good show (especially since he did a heap of the old songs from the first album, and a few unexpected ones like My Bag). Nick Barker did a pretty good support act, too.

  • Roll up for a bit of this afternoon's 3RRR bbq on the rooftop (which reminded me of the time I saw Swervedriver up there, all those years ago), after which I went down to the Rob Roy for a bit of the Wagons December residency.

  • In a bid to revive my flagging reading habits, pick up Dave Thompson's A user's guide to The Fall, Sylvie Simmons' Serge Gainsbourg - a fistful of Gitanes, and Shawn Levy's Ready, Steady, Go! - Swinging London and the invention of cool.

  • Pop into 3PBS-FM to resubscribe, while the show I was subscribing to (Soul Time) was on - the guy (Vince or Steven? I can't remember) with the Liverpudlian accent came out and shook my hand and said hello while I was signing up - beat that, commercial radio!

  • Come across the Guided By Voices DVD, Watch Me Jumpstart, and it wasn't even overpriced like most of the music DVDs I usually want.

  • Pick up the new Dave Graney album, even though I'll admit to liking the idea of him more than his last few albums. Still, I was impressed the time I saw him live, and I'd love to catch him again some time soon - there's a gig at the Rob Roy coming up sometime soon, I think.

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