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let's go to birmingham

From Resonance FM, a remix of British Transport Films by Richard Thomas. I'm hoping acb already knows about these films, or I may have unwittingly caused him to want to spend a lot of money on the DVDs (sorry!). I'm sure I'm hearing the rather James Bond-like beginning of that Serge Gainsbourg song about the ticket puncher popping up about 4 and a half minutes toward the end. It'd make sense. Was it in the films, or just a witty addition by Mr Thomas? You can just imagine it - while the passengers are staring out over England's green and pleasant land (happy that they haven't fallen victim to the ever-increasing threat of congestion that looms over ordinary people trying to go about their ordinary lives), the conductor's going mad in the corner, obsessed with lots and lots of tiny holes he's been punching all day...

* 20:15 * music