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current listening - Evil 94.97

Underground Lovers - Evil 94.97 (2000).

I bought this at their 10 year anniversary gig earlier this year. Not having any particular "in tray" as such for new purchases, it got added to one of the piles in my bedroom, on top of the record player, in the hope that I'd listen to it a few times before I slept.

A live Underground Lovers album misses a bit of the studio warmth (not all of it though, there's still enough electronics in a couple of tracks to help fight off a cold night). There's still Vincent's beats (in between a smoke, and his, er, "interesting" dancing methods) intermixed with real drumming, and Glenn Bennie's relentless human guitar loops (which is perhaps a bit unfair on him as a guitarist, but it does kinda work out that way). But it's the familiarity in the songs (Beautiful World, I was right, Las Vegas), that takes me back (ha ha) to, say, when I bought Rushall Station at Raoul Records, when it was in Acland St (I think where Noodle Box is now ?), and it may well have been one of my first ever purchases from there - this is fairly significant, given how much I've spent there since....

I've got a feeling you can only get this from the gigs, or by mail order from Vincent himself. While you're at it, order the Rushall Station book, too.

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