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current listening - the handsome family

The Handsome Family. What an odd couple. She (Rennie) writes the lyrics, he (Brett) sings. They both play the instruments. The backing music approaches standard country fare (perhaps both ironically and lovingly), and he sings in an unremarkable voice, though this only makes it so much better. Why ? Go and read the lyrics. Macabre ? Slightly twisted ? Certainly. Hell, I'm almost tempted to use the g word, but I know that'd be a turn-off for some. But it's not just that - at the same time, they do heartfelt, touching lyrics without sacrificing a certain playfulness. He sings the same way, whether singing about shooting his brother five times in the back, saying goodbye to whatever animal lived in that hole he'd bricked over, or telling his loved one how they should've been dancing, but instead he fell over and cut his head in the snow. Priceless.

As I've already mentioned previously, there's a handful of songs at epitonic, if you're interested.

Bit of a shame they don't have the lyrics to the current album, Twilight, up on the site yet. But the lyrics come in the CD liner notes anyway, along with the following closing note from Rennie, about the cutesy animal pictures in the booklet :

I don't know where any of these photos came from. I woke up in a pool of blood and there they were.

* 21:43 * music