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it's a syn

One thing I noticed on Synaesthesia's revamped website was that Mark Harwood does a show on 3RRR called Wake In Fright. It runs on Sunday nights / Monday morning from midnight until 2am, so it's the perfect thing to be testing my radioshark on. So far so good! The first 25 minutes have ranged from musique concrete through Sunn O))) black metal drone into some kinda Morricone-like western guitar slinging and now onto some spoken word (edit: which turned out to be by Uncle Jim, who's actually Alan Bishop of Sun City Girls and Sublime Frequencies fame!). I'm hoping to reignite my love of radio with this gear (and this show) - I got so much out of 3PBS and 3RRR back in the late 80's/early 90's, but maybe it's all moved on and I'm supposed to pick up interesting new music from last.fm or whatever the cool kids are using now. I also picked up a hint about radiotime, which'll record internet-streamed shows (or it'll use a radioshark if it knows the show you want is "local", though apparently i'm not "local" to RRR in radiotime's world), but haven't had time to fully investigate yet.

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