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gb3 in-store appearance, readings, lygon st

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Glenn Bennie's GB3 did a gig at Readings on Friday evening to announce the presence of their new album Emptiness is our Business, perhaps as a warm-up for their launch gig at the Spanish Club on the 20th. The songs sounded good live, with Phillipa Nihill singing all of them (including an old Underground Lovers track, Holiday) apart from one where Angie Hart popped out of the crowd to take over. At the launch gig, Sarah Blasko, Stephen Cummings and Steve Kilbey will be down to sing their parts, too.

I chatted to (or perhaps "at", given my state at the time) Graham Lee afterwards, who said he'd been busy with things other than running a record label recently, such as getting more Triffids re-releases ready. He suggested the new In The Pines might cause a bit of consternation among hardcore fans, but I guess we'll find out soon enough.

I only had my cameraphone on me (can't really lug the laptop and the DSLR around at the same time), but there was another guy in the crowd with some proper gear taking shots. Hopefully they'll show up somewhere - I handed him one of my moo cards and asked him to drop me an e-mail if he makes the photos available anywhere.

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