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new brat in town

So there I was on Saturday morning, trying out another new(ish) Brunswick Café and despairing at their idea of Eggs Benedict (it tasted fine, but a hunk of bread? where's my english muffins? and I can't even remember if there was any hollandaise sauce...) when I noticed a copy of Beat lurking nearby. It seems there's a new record shop in town, and I managed to find myself over Preston way to pop in a little later on. There were a few opening-day specials going on, so I bought enough vinyl (a Moodists single, a Steve Kilbey one, a 10-inch by Jackie and the Cedrics and something that said "Mexican Garage" on the sleeve) to get myself a free 7-inch. Woo! You can find Off The Hip at 93 Plenty Road, in Preston (not too far from the junction). The ad said "open Saturday 10am-4pm," so maybe that's their only opening hours for now. Have fun (and remember to shop responsibly, or something).

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