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catching up on photos

I had a month of being too busy to go for a walk, but on the weekend before last I finally managed to get out and walk from Macaulay station (sorta near Kensington) around the Docklands to Southbank:

melbourne/2004/06/26-11:23:57 melbourne/2004/06/26-11:34:23 melbourne/2004/06/26-11:42:41 melbourne/2004/06/26-11:59:15 melbourne/2004/06/26-12:32:20

[ start here for all pics from Saturday-before-last's walk. ]

Then, on Tuesday I had a quick half-hour walk around Monash Uni while I waited for some friends to get ready for lunch:

melbourne/2004/06/29-11:30:20 melbourne/2004/06/29-11:34:49 melbourne/2004/06/29-12:03:07 melbourne/2004/06/29-12:07:38

[ start here for all pics from Tuesday. ]

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