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current obsessions: olympus xa3 with neopan 1600

1600-speed (and such) film season is marching toward us. I've been having a great time with my Olympus XA2... [more]

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I'm still alive, just trying to work out what to say. Mostly I've been taking lots of photos, lately.... [more]

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from the sixteenth floor

I started a new group on flickr in case anybody else has photos of Housing Commission Flats around Melbourne... [more]

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tomorrow night

The aforementioned exhibition - UNSENSORED09 - opens tomorrow night. Please come along! (yes, this means I can't go and see... [more]

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I'm in an exhibition next month. Please come along!... [more]

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I joined the Ektar craze and bought myself a pack of five rolls in 120 format to try out in... [more]

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ICCD 2009

International Commie Camera Day 2009 seems to have been extended into the weekend, though I didn't manage to capitalize... [more]

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no film today

I tried developing my first roll of 120 film from the Kiev 60, but accidentally opened the whole lid of... [more]

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So, I've finally developed a roll of film at home. I need, um, a lot more more practice with... [more]

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a pretty good friday

Easter's a good time for introspective walks on the quietest mornings you'll get all year - there are very few... [more]

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with love

In case you hadn't noticed from my flickr stream lately, I'm completely in love with my Kiev 60 (or,... [more]

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a bit of a grower

I took the Bessa out to the 2009 Flower and Garden show at the Exhibition Buildings and loaded a roll... [more]

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kiev 60

Despite my recent protestations at the size of most medium format gear (I began to resent carrying a "camera... [more]

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Here's the current collection, for what it's worth. One of them's completely stuffed (the weird-looking one the front), and... [more]

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The New Year break is traditionally a good time for sysadmins to do all those server upgrades/reinstalls they couldn't quite... [more]

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the other side of the world

I'm home, now. We flew into Vienna at the start of November and over the rest of the month caught... [more]

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the only way is up

Hamish talked me into indulging in a bit of camera tossing with the Lomo ActionSampler the other weekend at... [more]

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not half bad

I'd been intrigued by the phenomenon of half-frame cameras and picked up what turned out to be a non-working... [more]

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another one

I've bought a new camera in time for the impending holiday - it's a lot more compact than the... [more]

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eye on

Two more photo sets: grime, thanks to a ride on a tram with a spectacularly grotty window. A Docklands photowalk... [more]

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on and on and on

A new set: repetition. more to come as I trawl the archives for other photos that belong here.... [more]

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I walked from Preston yesterday morning, starting off somewhere near the three cats pictured above, and ended up in... [more]

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the weekend in photographs

I was fortunate to get out walking a fair bit this weekend - work was bringing me down in numerous... [more]

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more distractions

The rest of those Brunswick walk photos are up, by the way. photos... [more]

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unsensored 08

Get yerself down to the Collingwood Gallery on 292 Smith St over the next 2 weeks to see some of... [more]

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little distractions

Finally, a morning where I could go for a wander. Time's been tight, lately. Brunswick's never too far away,... [more]

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new toys

I haven't had much free time to drag the DSLR around much lately - almost all my recent photos have... [more]

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heading south

There's always something to see, around Sydney Road. I needed a refresher walk (well, that and I wanted to... [more]

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Thanks to a wonderful gift from two friends, Lian and I woke up real early on Australia Day to... [more]

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me and my 20mm lens

Happy new year. Here's a few photos from a walk I took this morning, while the weather had cooled down... [more]

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a quiet afternoon

I haven't been out much with the camera lately. Well, I did haul it around on the weekend, but... [more]

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wall of E electric guitar ensemble, 2007-08-19 at carni

Another night of experimental guitar goodness at Carni, this time culminating in Barnaby Oliver's Wall of E Electric Guitar... [more]

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always greener...

Well, let's see if this ipernity thing works. I'm glad I forked out for Picturesync all that time ago.... [more]

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a walk in the asphalt eden

Now that the house-hunting's over, I could finally get out for a walk with the camera. After being reminded of... [more]

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the boats, the immediatists and zac keiller at carni, 2007-05-25

I got down to Carni last night to see Zac Keiller, The Immediatists and The Boats put on a... [more]

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pink stainless tail album launch at the tote, 2007-03-30

I went to The Tote last night for the launch of The Infinite Wisdom of The Pink Stainless Tail. Biddy... [more]

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last.fm and gig photos

It looks like last.fm is leveraging flickr's machine tags in the next update so that event pages will pull photos... [more]

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lakes of russia at the after dark

Lakes of Russia did another gig at the After Dark bar. Great stuff if you're into fairly laid-back one-man... [more]

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more immediacy

The Immediatists are getting better each time I see them - it's a shame to see only a handful... [more]

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Pink Stainless Tail photos from last night

36 photos from last night's gig at the Brunswick Hotel. I'd never seen that many people in there when... [more]

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the immediatists, last night

The Immediatists brought us about 2 hours of improvised music which I really quite enjoyed - some (most) moments... [more]

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I've got through to the end of my holiday photos - about 20% of them are up there at... [more]

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there's a word for it

I've been back for a couple of days, recovering and getting back into work (and, today, catching up on... [more]

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four thousand

4000 photos up at flickr, now. If you reckon I'm missing something you particularly like in my favourites set,... [more]

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mark murphy (ripe) at the tote

Down at the Tote, Mark Murphy indulged some of us by playing some of the tracks from Ripe's The... [more]

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remember my old photo site?

Thanks to phpFlickr I've done a quick bit of work on elsewhere's front page to show recent flickr photos and... [more]

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My camera's having its sensor cleaned (at last), so I was left to wander the north on a perfectly cloudless... [more]

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I'm not sure what's in the air at the moment, but while I'm still recovering from the holiday and... [more]

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Back home, but moving straight away. Goodbye Northcote, hello Preston. Of all the airports I passed through, Melbourne Airport was... [more]

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cheap thrills

I got my first ever film camera from Lian, a Lomo Actionsampler. Here's the photoset - the 7 shots... [more]

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spin cycle

A new set over on flickr, because the humble Laundromat is full of photographic opportunities.... [more]

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from another room

Not too long ago, I collected all my photos of stuff written on walls right here. Have fun.... [more]

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she reassured me with an unfamiliar line

Merry Christmas.... [more]

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gorgeous last ever gig, northcote social club 2005-12-06

Despite the various things conspiring to keep me away from live music lately, I made it down the street... [more]

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wagons are doing a sunday arvo residency at the earl of lincoln

...through October, from 4pm. Funny man Henry Wagons is still at it. If you're feeling idle, or just passing by... [more]

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high vibes, 2005

I didn't manage to wade through the crowds into one of the venues to see any bands, but I... [more]

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snarski vs snarski, 2005-09-04 at the nsc

About 18 months after the last time, Mark Snarski was back in town and he teamed up with brother... [more]

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i started a joke

uh, I mean, a group. On flickr. Australian Live Music. Post 'em if you've got 'em.... [more]

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the pink stainless tail at cumbersome records

A rather small crowd gathered to watch The Pink Stainless Tail do an in-store gig at Cumbersome Records (yes,... [more]

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he's the draught master, baby

I popped along to the Bluestone to catch this year's beer pouring competition, officially entitled the 2005 Stella Artois Draught... [more]

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ed kuepper and jeffrey wegener at the NSC, 2005-07-13

[ update: I've uploaded the rest of the photos I figured were worth uploading. ] Here's the Flickr set for... [more]

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the new new fall

Synaesthesia moved up the stairs to Level Two, so I popped by for a look - I picked up... [more]

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familiar sights

The Nylex Sign in Cremorne (Richmond) is back, after a bit of a dodgy start.... [more]

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I meant to go and take photos of the new Nylex sign in Richmond, but instead I wandered around... [more]

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I got to hang around a hospital for most of the day while my girlfriend had some wisdom teeth... [more]

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northcote town hall stencil art

From the Darebin City Council calendar of events for June 4th: Invitation to all Stencil artists to stencil the... [more]

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I have a new camera lens, and the new Drones and Boredoms CDs. This somehow helps to make up... [more]

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beer and skittles

I've had plenty of people ask to use my photos for little projects. More recently, an old photo I... [more]

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more hot air

This morning I was walking to work past Fawkner Park just after 7am, and the balloons were taking off.... [more]

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getting the worm

Getting in to work early is its own reward, or something. [ more hot air balloon photos. ]... [more]

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we are glass

Heaps of old band photos from the 70's and 80's. Even Gary Numan's there (via).... [more]

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There's a new photoset for pictures I've taken on my morning walks.... [more]

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gentle ben and his sensitive side's return to melbourne

There comes a time, mid-song, when Ben Corbett starts shaking. Each drumbeat's a gunshot and he twists, turns and... [more]

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love chaos meat revolution

This kind of discovery makes it worth getting up for an hour's walk in the morning before work. At... [more]

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I've had a little bit of photo-taking time again, finally. On a vaguely related note, "my god it's full... [more]

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I whacked up a handful more early trip photos, but can't seem to put them in the right place... [more]

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why did the cassowary cross the road?

I'll be home friday arvo. I might have to upload my Daintree photos then, since flickr currently isn't behaving.... [more]

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i wanna live in a bathysphere

when I was seven my father said to me 'but you can't swim' and I've never dreamed of the sea... [more]

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make like a tree

I've made it to Port Douglas. I'll catch up on the earlier photos later on, but I've posted a... [more]

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. Just a quick one from the Beef Capital of Australia, while I've got hold of some wireless net access... [more]

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The artincities project wants your photos of, uh, art in cities. Drop by and submit it if you've got it.... [more]

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urgent pear delivery for mr wagons

I walked over (just past the new 3RRR offices) to Ceres in Brunswick to catch The Handsome Family, who were... [more]

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two shaves and a shine

Special design by Steven Stapleton. Only 100 to be printed - by the time my copy of The Wire... [more]

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not just for breakfast

I'm not entirely sure what to make of this, but there you go.... [more]

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easy listening hour

Well, it took until today, but the first thing I listened to was all the Richard Buckner I had... [more]

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from a 727 at night

The good thing about working at branch offices is that you can't usually pull 12 hour days because nobody there... [more]

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here and there

It's nearly the end of the month, and despite being buried beneath a large pile of work, I've at... [more]

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please no hands

photos from my work trip to perth and sydney [more]

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roll out the trundle wheel

Another quick meander around the back-streets of Brunswick (and one or two from over Preston-way): [ start here for Saturday's... [more]

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catching up on photos

I had a month of being too busy to go for a walk, but on the weekend before last I... [more]

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she said "we can't all live in semi-detatched houses"

I haven't been a-wandering much this month, apart from a nice hour's walk on Sunday morning. More to come.... [more]

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rowland s. howard, gentle ben and his sensitive side at the rob roy, 2004-04-30

Rowland S. Howard put on a pretty good show, finishing up as usual with the wonderfully brooding Panic Moon... [more]

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snarski vs snarski, anzac day eve at the cornish arms

a few photos from Saturday night's Rob and Mark Snarski gig. [more]

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they'll never find me 'cause i'm lost in miller's cave

another long walk, with some photos. [more]

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previous lifestyles

i took a walk near home. [more]

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sand in my sandals, my blood feels like red wine

Photos from Thailand - Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, Pai, Bangkok. [more]

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Photos from Malaysia. [more]

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notes from the waiting room

photos from my Singapore 2004 holiday [more]

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happy australia day, or something

[ see the rest of this month | collect the set. ]... [more]

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you're the apple of my eyelash

I decided around the end of last year that I'm taking February off (yeah. all of it), so it's probably... [more]

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pretzels for pacman?

I've still been taking photos, mostly just Melbourne ones, though I haven't been mentioning it here. Here's a few from... [more]

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investigating the trivial

Essendon Airport isn't so far from Ascot Vale. 2 hours' walk, more or less. But rather than heading north at... [more]

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nearly there

August photos are up. There's still a few more to go, though.... [more]

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backlog, part 2

May photos are up. Enjoy.... [more]

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backlog, part 1

April photos are up. Enjoy.... [more]

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the end of a minor drought

I received an e-mail from another expat this morning, telling me how much he enjoyed my melbourne photos. This made... [more]

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pharmacy records at the rob roy, 2003-08-01

I was a bit too disorganized to make it to Yo La Tengo (who were apparently very good) or... [more]

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the mountain goats at the tote

John Darnielle (ie. The Mountain Goats) was in fine form last night, providing a show full of wit (both... [more]

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via realkosh (sorry I didn't make it to yer gig at the Cornish Arms last night - wasn't quite up... [more]

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the go-betweens, 2003-06-26 at the corner hotel

Robert Forster's looking rather stately as the years go by, with his silver mane and all. Grant McLennan's looking... [more]

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Last Thursday's Go-Betweens photos will be up soon, honest - I just haven't had a free evening to sort through... [more]

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take me out to the suburbs

?> A few more photos from my random wanderings. Glenroy certainly has some interesting shops - apart from the ones... [more]

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Kurt Wagner looked very..."country" last night. Not "country" as in cowboy, but "country" in that cap-wearing, big-glasses, blue jeans... [more]

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do you want new wave or do you want the truth?

More walking around the new surrounding suburbs. North, east and east and east to Merri Creek, then back down... [more]

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border stories

I live north of North Melbourne. I've got a lot of exploring to do. Lines and metal and wood... [more]

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keep yer southern love away from me

The Rob Roy's front bar has a door flanked by their two heroes (I guess) - Clint Eastwood and... [more]

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Catching up on recent photos : Golden Rough at the Candle Records gig at the Corner on the 15th of... [more]

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calling the shots

I've been a bit camera-lazy lately, but here's a few more from the other day (I did the rather... [more]

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bees in yer bonnet

There we were, happily lunching outside City Café (yes, again) when a swarm of bees appeared out of nowhere,... [more]

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trifekta records boat party, 2002-12-22

acb and I hopped aboard the Victoria Star for the Trifekta Records boat party, where I also ran into... [more]

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I took a 2.5-day micro-vacation(?) with my parents down to Flinders, on the Westernport Bay-side of the Mornington Peninsula.... [more]

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grand salvo farewell gig at the carlton courthouse, 2002-11-12

It was intimate, crammed into the Carlton Courthouse with a sort of amateur theatre feel to the whole thing.... [more]

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running from the body

Another day, another long walk home. It was a nice day for being alone, though. [ the start of... [more]

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rowland s howard at the empress, 2002-11-04

Well, ok, the headlining act was Silver Ray but I ended up deciding to leave before they came on (though... [more]

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harvest festival 2002

I didn't make it to all of this year's Harvest Festival, just the Corner Hotel and Raoul Records bits. At... [more]

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via acb the other day, I finally got around to poking through ziboy's very nice photos, mostly of people. Personally,... [more]

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things to look forward to

I took a few quick photos yesterday during a quick escape-style lunch in Chapel St. It's nice to have... [more]

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things to do on a sunday evening

I've done a bit of work on my photo site, making the icon-sized versions of the pictures a bit bigger... [more]

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the surrogate, 2002-09-05 at boutique

I'll fully admit to having fairly low expectations, given that an old friend I hadn't seen in ages had... [more]

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you need a mess of help to stand alone

3 hours to kill before meeting a friend in Phoenix (a nice place to bum around on a Sunday... [more]

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bricks and sentiment

More practice and exercise. Chai in Café Sahara, watching all the onslaught of new buildings across the street. Treasure-hunting... [more]

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josh rouse at the corner hotel on august 22nd

He asked, "so, do you guys know who I am, or is this just 'the place to be' on... [more]

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the other sort of exercise

I'd lent my camera to somebody for a week, so I figured I should exercise it (and myself) while... [more]

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Perhaps the first thing I miss about Singapore is not being able to buy lime juice to drink, wherever... [more]

* 19:31 * link · travel

scary marketing

"Fill these slots with functionality" ? "Modularity Cafe" ? Somebody at Cisco oughta lay off the happy pills.... [more]

* 10:42 * link · geek

local harvest - a neil young tribute at the corner hotel

Pretty much at the last minute, I decided to go and catch the Neil Young tribute (called Local Harvest)... [more]

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passing through

I had my usual weekend brunch at City Cafe, and from there I walked down Barkly St to blustery... [more]

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when you're drifting

Apologies for the, uh, dearth of photography in recent times. My camera goes nearly everywhere I do, but I've... [more]

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mr johnson

Resident shiny new guitar owning vinyl idolizer Vanessa took some photos the other night. Unfortunately I've no idea of the... [more]

* 15:01 * link · photos

bleak street

After lunch in Smith St, I walked down a lonely Collingwood street under cloudy skies while I tried to... [more]

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golden rough at the empress, april 25th

I must say, Dave Orwell of esteemed Sydneysiders Golden Rough reminded me a heap of a guy who works... [more]

* 19:23 * link · music

grand salvo album launch gig, april 21st

For a guy who appears to embody the loner mould on stage better than say, Mark Eitzel or Joe... [more]

* 18:46 * link · music

proclaiming his joy

"if I had a song that could dissolve you like sleep..." Well, ok, he tripped on the stairs coming... [more]

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steve earle, dan brodie

Bruce and I caught Steve Earle's final Melbourne gig at the Prince of Wales. He played a good range... [more]

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meeting people is easy

I'm probably the last one to have mentioned it, but some blogging types met up yesterday in North Fitzroy,... [more]

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the go-betweens with the lucksmiths at the corner hotel

"Ok, you've caught us out," said the Lucksmiths' drummer/vocalist. "We're actually miming to that guy down there," acknowledging the... [more]

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what are you reading at ?... [more]

* 21:57 * link · photos

mr walker

I walked from the nether-regions of Southbank, where the trams were banked up on their detour from the St... [more]

* 17:30 * link · photos


I hadn't been to St Kilda, post-Grand Prix, so I wandered down in my lunch break for a quick... [more]

* 13:55 * link · photos

a walk in the black forest

I walked across Prahran for an optometrist appointment, dodging empty wheelie bins and bottle recycling buckets strewn across side-street... [more]

* 17:11 * link · photos

...and back again

gone already. over and out. I took the SkyBus back to the city and walked around for a while,... [more]

* 19:35 * link · photos

odd objects

The things you find in K-Mart carparks...... [more]

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it's a sick sick building but it's never gonna make me insane

Some days, it's harder to concentrate than others. Some days, you almost wait for the thud as the air... [more]

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saturday night's alright for a wedding

Scott and Emily got married upstairs in Retro, a nice cafe in Brunswick St, Fitzroy. I didn't take many... [more]

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too hot to think

Yesterday, I walked around the city, and then the airport, until my feet hurt. It was a hot day,... [more]

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Hungover on Tuesday.... [more]

* 14:27 * link · photos


I've been quietly watching the days go by. Mum gave me a copy of No Logo for Christmas. I'd... [more]

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a bit of catching up

I wasn't quite feeling up to doing much with the camera over the past week or two, but I... [more]

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I walked up Chapel St again, trying to take photos of things. I'll have to try harder next time... [more]

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wedding season

Congratulations Darren and Fleur. Next stop, Scott and Emily next month. [ all pictures from the wedding ].... [more]

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the captain and his gloves

It starts with this scraping sound, as I walk up the street towards the tram stop just before 7am. Ok.... [more]

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my lost weekend

A day of celebration, drinking, (extremely) amateur sport and general merriment as a precursor to Darren's upcoming wedding. [... [more]

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original spirits

New Year's Eve, somewhere in Abbotsford (as usual), 2001. This time I didn't have to worry about taking most... [more]

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I don't really understand the kind of magnetism these power lines wield over me, but they've always been there... [more]

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the view out the window

I found myself back in the habit of going next door for a coffee before settling down to work.... [more]

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a short drive

We went for a short drive, from the work christmas lunch to the hospital to check in on a... [more]

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you're not an airplane

This is about the most energetic you'll see me. On the way up to Glen Iris, I'd noticed a... [more]

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