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a walk in the asphalt eden

Now that the house-hunting's over, I could finally get out for a walk with the camera. After being reminded of this, I figured it was worth giving Abbotsford another go - there's some lovely alleys with old brick walls full of old signs and such.

IMG_9303 IMG_9322 IMG_9330 IMG_9337 animals aren't ours DSC00908

...so I now have 162 photos of all things abbotsford. Well, not really all - you know my particular themes by now. Meanwhile, the Keep Clear set keeps growing. I may have to add a No Standing one, soon (there's more than shows up in that tag search, I reckon I've been a bit slack with tagging the red/white No Standing signs, for instance).


With the help of Meander, here's a map of where I walked (well, as far as I remember, anyway).

(also, did you notice that the abbotsford blog page about me is number 23? me too.)

[ see all photos from yesterday's fitzroy / collingwood / abbotsford / richmond walk. ]

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That 24Hr access roller door is on Stafford St, yes? Semi-feral kids used to hang out in front of it, playing in the carpark area in front of the gas conversion place.

> Posted by Darren at June 25, 2007 9:27 AM

I *think* it's on Johnston St - the images before and after it were, certainly...

> Posted by cos at June 25, 2007 9:30 AM

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