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mark murphy (ripe) at the tote

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Down at the Tote, Mark Murphy indulged some of us by playing some of the tracks from Ripe's The Plastic Hassle, accompanied by a cellist. I would've loved to have heard Julie or Halfway Back, but I guess I was out of luck. Never mind. I was feeling a bit too tired to hang around for The Glory Box and Autohaze, unfortunately (I'm struggling to remember the former, but Autohaze certainly would've been good to see). Amusingly, my friend Steve got asked for ID at the door!

There's a few more of these sessions coming up, I think - the idea's supposed to be getting (mostly old, but some new) bands together to play one of their albums. Ah, here we go. Next Saturday (25th, State Election Day) is The Hollowmen, The Fish John West Reject and Princess One Point Five (who I wouldn't mind seeing again - the mix was't great when I saw them/her supporting GB3 at their launch gig). On the 2nd of December is GB3, Love Outside Andromeda and Tobias Cummings and the Long Way Home.

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