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previous lifestyles


I was visiting family for lunch on the weekend, walking from the railway station as usual. This time, I noticed our family dentist had decided to rebuild his premises (a little sign explained that he's slumming it in Mt Waverley until later this year, when it'll be finished).


The doctor we went to a long, long time ago (why did we change? the guy we went to since then is about half the distance, maybe that was it) seemed to have abandoned his premises.

The kindergarten I used to go to was turned into a small carpark a long time ago (no photo of this one - maybe next time).


My old primary school's changed, too - a while back they changed the name and the school colours. Now the buildings are a curious mix of 60's/70's brick buildings merged with 90's/00's neutral-coloured modern materials (not visible in the photos - I took ones of the bits that still looked like I remembered them).

You can never really go home, right?

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