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via acb the other day, I finally got around to poking through ziboy's very nice photos, mostly of people. Personally, I find it hard to take pictures of other people - it seems kinda impolite to just point and shoot, without asking. Milan Kundera pondered this in Immortality :

...I remember my childhood: in those days if you wanted to take somebody's picture you asked for permission. Even when I was a child, adults would ask me: little girl, may we take your picture? And then one day they stopped asking. The right of the camera was elevated above all other rights and that changed everything, absolutely everything.

Maybe if I hadn't read that, It'd All Be OkTM.

...and speaking of books, I noticed a new Michel Houllebecq book around the shops last weekend, called Platform - I can wait for a softcover release, though, I've already got a pile of unread books on the shelf as it is.

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