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Kurt Wagner looked very..."country" last night. Not "country" as in cowboy, but "country" in that cap-wearing, big-glasses, blue jeans plus shirt kind of way (I was half-expecting a bit of straw poking out of his mouth). But don't forget That Voice (and the old, old guitar). About half of it was stuff from ...is a woman, a few from Nixon, one from How I Quit Smoking and a few others, all done a bit more upbeat than on the albums - especially d. scott parsley, which almost turned into some kind of runaway express train. The fairly legendary David Kilgour provided support, and played along with Lambchop too, finishing it all off with a duet of Lou Reed's Perfect Day.

Something that troubled me in a minor way, though, was one of those philosophical questions for the music fashion police (wherever you are) - I know it's considered pretty lame for a band to wear their own t-shirts during a gig. But what does it mean for David Kilgour to be wearing a Lambchop t-shirt ? (ok, it only said "Nixon 2000", but I'm guessing...). Is that permissible ?

I picked up The Clean's Anthology at the gig, given that it was going for $20 instead of the usual $35 in shops. But then, why buy it via North Carolina when you can buy it straight from our friendly eastern neighbours?

(also, my new Lucksmiths CD arrived, along with an old Golden Rough EP you could only get via mail order. But more on them later.)

[ see all photos from the Lambchop gig. ]

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