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new toys

I haven't had much free time to drag the DSLR around much lately - almost all my recent photos have been taken with my phone - I don't have enough room in one bag for everything (and if I did, I'd have a sore back!). Some kinda rangefindery film camera had been in my thoughts for a while, though maybe not at the price of, say, a Bessa R2 that tempted me from the window of a second hand shop.


Not long after I saw Bessa and thought better of it, Hamish showed me his Canonet, which he'd recommended previously as a cheap but good entry point into the land of rangefinders - a little ebaying later, and here's mine:


I'm a little late to the bandwagon (as usual). I guess I'm supposed to grow a beard now, and run down the street proclaiming that autofocus will be the death of us all...


...at least, once I get the hang of this thing (especially the scanning afterwards).


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