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kiev 60

IMG_0655 Scan-090223-0031

Despite my recent protestations at the size of most medium format gear (I began to resent carrying a "camera bag" for my DSLR over the last year or so, and a little rangefinder was just the solution to the problem), I found myself responding in something close to a heartbeat when a fellow Flickrnaut decided to sell off his Kiev 60.

Scan-090223-0032 Scan-090223-0035

So for the time being I've worked out I can fit the Kiev and the Bessa R4a into my old DSLR camera bag, along with my old light meter and a few rolls of film for each. Mind you, I shot through 3 rolls in the Kiev before 9am the other morning, so next time I'll be squeezing more in.

Scan-090305-0056 Scan-090305-0074

[ see the rest of my photos taken with the Kiev 60, so far. ]

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