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the traditional family career, as it were

In honor of Ada Lovelace Day, I'll mention that my mother was a computer programmer way back in the 1960s, having taken a chance on some kind of aptitude test and catapulting herself out of a somewhat more usual existence for a working class Bristol girl. She migrated out to Australia with her newfound skills to program ICT 1300 systems for the Local Authorities Superannuation Board, but set it all aside after marrying my father (who, as far as we worked out one lunchtime, didn't get involved with computers until a few years after Mum did).

so, y'know, I guess there was no doubt I'd end up doing something similar, eh?

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My mum's first or so job in Australia involved proof-reading COBOL programs or something similar. She had worked as a journalist before that, and after this job, developed a strong dislike of computers which lasted until she discovered that one can make movies with a Mac.

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