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trifekta records boat party, 2002-12-22

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acb and I hopped aboard the Victoria Star for the Trifekta Records boat party, where I also ran into Jeremy (and friend Jamie), who I'd met at the Supersnazz gig at Raoul, back in July.

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Architecture in Helsinki were up first. I must say, I liked them more this time than back in April - they're a bit more coherent, and their single Like a Call is a good example of their progress (I picked it up on blue vinyl from them at the end of the party). Their album's due to be released on my birthday (February 10th), which wins them a few bonus points.

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Sodastream were next, but I was too late to get a decent position for photo taking - sorry about that. Gersey were last. I don't recall actually having heard them, though I'd always intended to pick up one of the albums. They're a lot more Mogwai-like than I'd expected, but maybe it was just the first song they did.

As for the rest of it, I had a great time. The weather was pretty good, people were having fun, and I got to take photos of like, bridges and stuff. There oughta be more of these things !

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