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supersnazz at raoul records

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I managed to keep my Supersnazz appointment at Raoul Records, out the back. A good half of the crowd (at least) seemed to all know each other, which gave it a nice little "community" feel, I s'pose. I stood to one side and watched and waited and took pictures. I met a friendly guy called Jeremy, who handed one of the bandmembers a tape of local music they might enjoy (a great idea, incidentally). I'm too stuffed to go tonight, but maybe I'll try that Wednesday night gig at the Cherry Bar. Seeing them once made me want to see them again. They rocked, they were tight, they were fun.

Also, I picked up the new albums by Silver Ray and Guided By Voices (yes!), the Ray Davies tribute album and a couple of second hand Steve Earles. Oh, and Whiskeytown's Pneumonia.

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