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the pink stainless tail at cumbersome records


A rather small crowd gathered to watch The Pink Stainless Tail do an in-store gig at Cumbersome Records (yes, it's taken me this long to finally see them). My girlfriend suggested that if there wasn't a band setting up behind him you'd think Simon Strong was about to give a speech - when the band arcs up he's still got a bit of a growl going on, mind you. They played until Nick's hand hurt (after having his car pushed through the front window of a video shop on Smith St by a truck the night before!). Go buy their new EP, it won't cost you much for the sound of a few old blokes having some fun.

[ see all the photos from the Pink Stainless Tail's Cumbersome Records gig. ]

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Hey Andrew!

It was nice to see you at the show - things been quiet since this. I was overseas uh researchin. Thanks for buying our discs. Did I mention there are a couple of film clips available at www.pinkstainless.net/ledatape including one live from the RobRoy show I recall you might have been at?

Take it easy...

> Posted by Simon at November 11, 2005 5:04 PM

PS "concrete island" is da bombe! Wot a top tome! Plenty Ballard references in da PST oeuvre if ya lissen... No so fond of "crash" though - and don't get me started on DCronenberg [the arseclown director - nuffin against the lager tho']).

> Posted by Simon at November 11, 2005 5:08 PM

Yeah, I've grabbed some of the ledatape stuff - I oughta grab the rest of it soon (i wasn't at the rob roy show - the cumbersome gig was the first time I finally managed to get myself to one of your gigs!).

I'd been after Concrete Island for ages, and found it last week along with the Atrocity Exhibition - i'd read Crash years ago (finally saw the film a few weeks back - god, what a mess), and High Rise not too far back, and there's a few people on flickr.com starting up ballard-related groups like this and well, sorta this (there were a few others that I've lost now).

I've still gotta work my way most of the rest of the stuff on yer site, too - loved the neil palmer "cambridge post office" one :)

> Posted by cos at November 13, 2005 10:20 AM

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