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local harvest - a neil young tribute at the corner hotel

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Pretty much at the last minute, I decided to go and catch the Neil Young tribute (called Local Harvest) at the Corner Hotel last night. A heap of people performed - Peter Maskell and Mark Ferrie, Jeff Williams, Rebecca Barnard and Shane O'Mara, Kerri Simpson, Chuck Jenkins (of Ice Cream Hands), Monique Brumby, Nick Barker, Barb Waters, Dan Luscombe, Chris Chapple, The Soldiers, The Spoils, and even sound engineer dude Julian Wu.

Highlights included Chuck Jenkins, the house band and Shane O'Mara doing a blistering version of Cortez the Killer - Chuck summed it up nicely after the guitar break by pointing at Shane as he sung "what a killer...". Dan Luscombe (of Blackeyed Susans fame) sung Winterlong, although for me I suppose it was more the novelty of finally seeing Dan singing lead vocals on something.

At the end, everybody got up on stage to do rockin' in the free world, where Nick Barker asked "hey, does anybody know the 2nd verse ?" In a flash, a member of the audience jumped up and (perhaps a bit over-enthusiastically) took over the mic for the rest of the song. It was a good night, and the "loud" songs went off especially well.

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