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amber ducks

The Bluestone (the Belgian Beer Café in St Kilda Rd, not the other Bluestone that's somewhere up in the CBD) has the infamous Pauwel Kwak beer in this week, complete with its funny glass in a special wooden holder. Given the usual "vanishing beer glass" problem these guys have, there's a pretty hefty deposit you have to put down while you're drinking one of these things - I can bet they won't be selling it on thursday or friday nights, in this case. I'm not completely sold on the beer itself but it's pleasant enough, and certainly the glass contributes a rather odd style of drinking it, especially as you reach the bulbous end. If I possessed the vocabulary for that kind of thing I could rate it. Maybe after I've done some more "research".

Oh and Michael, I did actually happen to go there three times today (my traditional coffee before work, lunch, and a couple of quiet after-work ones just to try out the new arrival, you understand...).

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