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as a matter of fact i've got it now

...not only does Penang Affair on Brunswick St in Fitzroy do great Malaysian food, they've also expanded their range... [more]

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world wide wash, brunswick st, fitzroy

If you haven't had a crêpe fix lately, and you're too lazy to hit the CBD to go to... [more]

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powder rooms

I've been stuck in a bit of a listening rut, lately - I've run out of enthusiasm for re-ripping... [more]

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he's the draught master, baby

I popped along to the Bluestone to catch this year's beer pouring competition, officially entitled the 2005 Stella Artois Draught... [more]

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mcvities. so much to answer for.

Ooh er. I wonder if you can get them over here. Chocolate Digestives make me betray my pommy upbringing, but... [more]

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big red

Those Listerine PocketPack tab things now come in Cinnamon, an entire flavour subculture that has (so far) never made it... [more]

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the decline of breakfast civilisation

It's depressing to note that Toast of Smith St has been in a downward spiral since I declared it to... [more]

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forever since breakfast

If I had to pick a few breakfast spots I've been enjoying lately, well, here goes : A breakfast pide... [more]

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Why am I working? I could be making bagels!... [more]

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green lines and varnish

For last night's curious blog meetup punters (you know who you are), the map on our table at Troika was... [more]

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gone, just like that

Splendid Cafe in Sydney Road's closed down. Just like that. I had lunch there last Saturday and didn't suspect a... [more]

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cafe sweethearts

I'd heard rumours of Café Sweethearts' 14 different egg-related dishes on the menu, so I decided to make the most... [more]

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shang hai ling, east brunswick

My friend tells me the name means "shanghai neighbour" (and, well, it's only a 20 minute walk from home for... [more]

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loki bar, north melbourne

The first time I came into this place I heard some music that was stylistically familiar, but I just couldn't... [more]

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third time lucky

Hey, the Yak Bar in Flinders Lane was still good the third time I went there. Excellent.... [more]

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everything's gone green

I've never eaten so many pistachios in my life - In the last week or so I've acquired a ThingTM... [more]

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small block

On a hot tip that they served corn fritters, I made my way over to a place called Small Block... [more]

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friendly northern neighbours

So, where do you take an out-of-town friend who's visiting for a few days and wants to eat some nice... [more]

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eggs benedict

The secret of good Eggs Benedict is to use English Muffins. Really. None of this crusty bread stuff for me,... [more]

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the big house

It looks like it might've once been a bank, or a post office, or some useful old building on Sydney... [more]

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the yak bar, again

Wow. The Yak Bar's still excellent the second time around (see first time). Is it the wooden-bar windows ? The... [more]

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changing habits

I need a new favourite café. Who wants to swap ? You can have my sunny table outside City Café... [more]

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bar nothing, pigdon st, carlton

It's not so often you hear Lambchop played in a bar, though maybe it was just for the name of... [more]

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I came here a couple of years back, and remember feeling a bit packed in amongst all the wooden decor... [more]

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joshu lives!

If I hadn't dragged you there in person, you'd probably heard me go on about Tonkatsu Joshu, or at least... [more]

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rainy wobbly days

So as I paid for another Pere Ubu album in Missing Link this afternoon, the guy behind the counter asked... [more]

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the croft institute

If you wander through back-alleys and rubbish bins, you'll eventually find the famed Croft Institute. It's all very "chemistry"... [more]

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bartender's elbow

I wandered into the Bluestone for my usual morning coffee and discovered that their annual beer pouring competition was... [more]

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the other sort of exercise

I'd lent my camera to somebody for a week, so I figured I should exercise it (and myself) while... [more]

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amber ducks

The Bluestone (the Belgian Beer Café in St Kilda Rd, not the other Bluestone that's somewhere up in the CBD)... [more]

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yak bar, flinders lane / russell street

It's quiet enough, looks good, and Eugenie chose a very nice wine (a Delatite Cabernet Merlot, I think it turned... [more]

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that black sticky stuff

Graham must have ESP, 'cause just on Friday we were teaching a co-worker about vegemite. Apparently he tried it over... [more]

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a random question

When you're sitting on a tram at 6:45 in the morning, there's not a hell of a lot to do... [more]

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local eats

citysearch seems to have picked up on two places I've been going to a bit lately, since they're not too... [more]

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the all nations hotel

Well, yes, the pie is good. I say pie rather than pies, because pies makes me think of those soggy... [more]

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rumour mills

it's not entirely true, honest. I get coffee there every morning, but I only manage to pop in for lunch... [more]

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globe, chapel st

"Everytime I come here I end up sitting in the corner," he said. I must say I didn't remember the... [more]

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blue train

I was in a state of general despair, because I didn't exactly know what to do with myself after work.... [more]

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on the joshu front...

...Tonkatsu Joshu have found a location in Springvale, and hope to open in April.... [more]

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death by a thousand disappointments

Around the corner and into Flinders Lane, where I thought I'd pay a visit to Tonkatsu Joshu as a... [more]

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city cafe, st kilda

Since I was here with company for a change, I forsook my usual "nutty bagel" for a breakfast menu... [more]

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sub terrain, north fitzroy

I happened to be waiting for a tram just near the old Yellow Peril whilst on the way to... [more]

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big mouth

Big Mouth on a Sunday morning. Best done with friends. I must admit I don't remember what the food's... [more]

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lost and found

Jup Jang Thai cafe/restaurant/whatever, Burke Rd Camberwell. Melbourne certainly isn't short of Thai restaurants. There's a couple in every suburb,... [more]

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tonkatsu joshu

Good things come in small packages, especially this little place on Flinders Lane, in the Melbourne CBD. It's was... [more]

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blue corn

We haven't really had a hip Mexican café in Melbourne before (or at least, I was asleep when there was.... [more]

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