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globe, chapel st

"Everytime I come here I end up sitting in the corner," he said. I must say I didn't remember the low seat being so unsteady, as I dug space for my bag, posters and jacket in the space next to me. Globe's cramped, and always full, but there's a reason for that...

For a cafe so popular, they could do with some better music, but the breakfast menu's corn and capsicum bread is so good that I can almost forgive them. At least for now. I almost always forgo the (mostly) nice lunch menu dishes just to have the corn bread with scrambled eggs. I just wish my new level of appetite would extend to allow me some of their wonderful cake, these days. I can remember when I was first ... er ... "courting" Mavis we came here on a hot summer night and had cake. But that was in my very-late-20th-century time of excess.

Despite all this, I don't often come here on a weekend anymore - it's generally always full, and there's enough other good enough food in Chapel St that I don't feel as if I have to wait.

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