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No, not that excellent old Wedding Present song, I'm talking about pants.

Now, I remember back at the end of the 1970's, there's a school photo of me at the age of 6, dressed in checked shirt and black cords, which I thought were tremendously cool (honestly). When the, uh, Cords Revival came about in the late 90's, I was sceptical. Just ask Ana, resident cords-lover, who can tell you how just mercilessly I'd laugh at the suggestion of buying myself a pair of cords. Once in my lifetime was enough, I said.

I wandered down to Elsternwick this afternoon, hoping to find a computer shop that was still open at 4:30, so I could buy a keyboard. Having no luck, I figured I'd drop into my favourite clothes shop, with the girl who loves playing dress-up with me, the end result being that I always come out with a good amount of new clothes. She suggested a pair of cords. As I said, normally I'd laugh at this, but today I was in such a good mood (after having successfully found, with Droo, an ace present for a friend's 40th birthday party tomorrow) that I figured "heck, why not". So now I have a pair of cords. As I've also said before, sometimes it's good to do things you once thought were silly, in order to progress oneself.

* 19:49 * clothing