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the little things in life

I just received a new t-shirt (also this one) and I've got another interesting DVD to watch before I'm off... [more]

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two shaves and a shine

Special design by Steven Stapleton. Only 100 to be printed - by the time my copy of The Wire... [more]

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acb mentioned black spot sneakers a while ago, and I was walking past Oxfam (in this half of the world,... [more]

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sugar coatings

It's harder than I thought trying to find a new coat in this town. My beloved black jacket, after 7... [more]

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everything old is new again

acb will probably be horrified to know that I spotted a FreshJive t-shirt in Chapel St today that sports the... [more]

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a new kind of blue

I just wanted a new pair of jeans, but I looked at too many pairs. Too many shades of blue,... [more]

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the auctioneer in his black chapeau says everything, everything, everything must go

Ok, it's time. I'm in the process of purging myself of old t-shirts, and since people expressed interest in some... [more]

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hot under the collar

Next time somebody gives me shit about my shirt collection, I'll just point them at this. He's http://troubled-diva.blogspot.com/2002_11_24_troubled-diva_archive.html#85726722">still going. Maybe... [more]

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"that's a nice shirt" "it's a ben sherman !"

I promised various people I'd count up exactly how many Ben Sherman shirts I own, and so it turns out... [more]

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customer service

So we're travelling down the path of internet sales, convenience, shopping from home dressed only in our underwear (not personally,... [more]

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men of the cloth

I was having a solitary lunch at City Café mostly for personal sanity reasons, when I figured I'd walk... [more]

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No, not that excellent old Wedding Present song, I'm talking about pants. Now, I remember back at the end of... [more]

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elvis costello gets t-shirted

I found a t-shirt yesterday in the embarrasingly-named Renegade Cyberstore (yes, really), that said "what's so funny 'bout peace, love... [more]

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I was proud of my self-restraint in past weeks, but the first day Mavis is back and I went beserk.... [more]

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a few more

A visit to SMC Evolve. I think I might have to take the grey one back 'cause it'll shrink... [more]

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death to 'death to the pixies'

Somebody asked me how many tshirts I actually had, so I went and counted them last weekend, and discovered... [more]

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translation help

If you could tell me what it says on my new t-shirt, I'd be most grateful. I usually try... [more]

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