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the auctioneer in his black chapeau says everything, everything, everything must go

Ok, it's time. I'm in the process of purging myself of old t-shirts, and since people expressed interest in some of them, I'm offering these up to the world :

  • The Church : tour t-shirt from about 1997, I think. Dates on the back. It's grey, with a black guitar on a yellow aura on the front.

  • KMFDM - XTORT : black t-shirt with white/yellow/blue thing of superman-like dude flying up in the air from some kind of random chaos below. "Son of a gun !" on the back. I also have another one which I'm almost-but-not-quite prepared to part with just yet, which has a guy holding a gun to his head, with a laughing Monroe-style girly in the background. Maybe I'll let that one go next time.

  • Even - Less is More 1996 tour t-shirt. Black. Dates/Locations in orange on the back. the 3 guys in green/orange/red on the front.

  • The Blackeyed Susans - La Mascara EP t-shirt. Red, with yellow writing on the front and a Mexican wrestling mask sorta thing in green.

  • Teenage Fanclub - T-Shirt from Northern Britain (yes, ha ha). Navy, with white writing. A bit worn.

  • Luna - grey, with "Luna" on the front in purple, and "2" on the back in blue.

  • Swervedriver - Grey. "Swervedriver" on the back in black, and on the front underneath a black and white picture of the band.

  • Primal Scream - this is a bit polo-shirt-like, it's black, with "Vanishing Point" on the left breast, a v-neck with white line around the collar and arms. Oh, and there's a picture of the band on the back.

  • Industrial Nation - it's black, with a bottle on the front with "music as hard as the world we live in", and "absolute industrial" at the bottom, all in white (yes, it came from Heartland a long, long time ago).

  • Three Wallace and Gromit t-shirts : One in blue, with Gromit flying a red aircraft (a bit worn). One in black, with Gromit in a yellow Mackintosh. One in black, with W and G being held up by the penguin.

  • Finally, the one everybody keeps asking me about since this entry, The Pixies - Death to the Pixies. Black, with "death to the pixies" above a picture of Black Francis on the ground holding out a downward-pointing thumb.

If you're interested, contact me. If you couldn't yet tell, I live in Melbourne, Australia, so be prepared to pay postage (or better still, come and get them off me). I'll take any reasonable offer. Hurry while stocks last (or until my attention span drifts, and I throw them in the nearest Oz Child bin).

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