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Calexico's new album Feast of Wire is due on February 10th. So are some remastered Cocteau Twins albums, according to DJ Martian.

Last Friday I picked up a few second-hand bits (and that's all I bought this weekend - see ? I'm Being GoodTM) :

  • Dry & Heavy - New Creation : A Japanese dub band I found pretty much at random over at Epitonic a while back, and it turns out they're showing up to the Melbourne and Sydney Big Day(s) Out, this year. I wouldn't say this album does a lot for me just yet (the Epitonic tracks were a little better), though the Riders on the Storm cover's not too bad.

  • Dub Narcotic Sound System - Boot Party : Following my recently renewed interest in all things Calvin, I picked this up for a tenner. I think it's the first album ? They've got a page at Epitonic, too.

  • we are now flying @ 10,000 feet : a compilation by Sensory Projects (Sadness is in the sky) from 1999 with an interesting array of acts, plenty of whom I'd been meaning to investigate for a while - Gersey, Papa M, Black Heart Procession, Chris Chapple (who works in Collectors Corner, it turns out - I chickened out of buying a second-hand copy of his album from him the other day, it seemed in poor taste), and so on.

Oh, and I spotted Rowland S. Howard on the tram yesterday afternoon. My celebrity-spotting ability is atrocious at best - Ms Zhang can attest to this, I'm sure - and coupled with yesterday's morning-after-ness, it's surprising I noticed anything at all. But it was a bit like when I was lunching outside the Bluestone last week with my boss. We looked over at the next table. "Looks like a band," he said, and sure enough, I recognized one of them from boat party day when we were waiting for the train. "He's in a band called Jet," my companion had told me. So there you go.

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