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death to 'death to the pixies'


Somebody asked me how many tshirts I actually had, so I went and counted them last weekend, and discovered I had about 100 in the "current rotation" piles in my cupboard. Perhaps it was time to Do Something(tm). I put Mark Eitzel in the CD player and set off.

Goodbye memories. Goodbye faded old KMFDM tshirts, the anime-styled Sonic Youth one, the "Death to the Pixies" one, and some Wallace and Gromit ones. Endless plain black tshirts too, some with bleach stains on them. And the old pairs of black 501's that each have a little split in them, right underneath. They can go. On the other hand, I'm not yet ready to part with my Dan Dare tshirts. You'll pry them from my cold, dead hands, even though I've at least stopped using them to avoid any further wear and tear. And that weird Indonesian one my Indonesian girlfriend gave me all those years ago, that's staying too. And my Zippy the Pinhead one.

But it's time to rotate some more recent tshirts into the "no longer in common use" pile. Snog, Einzturzende Neubauten, The Wedding Present's "ask the 8-ball", my beloved Foil long-sleeve with the aircraft logo on the front. A tshirt with William S. Burroughs on it (how many times do you see one of those ?). That old Polyester bookshop with the anime girls on it, that I bought after the shop window got smashed, as a small token of solidarity, or something. I've never actually worn it, because it's always hard to think of an occasion when you can wear it without worrying too much about offending people. Of a similar nature is the "Watch More Porn" t-shirt that I've worn exactly once, on New Year's Eve in 1999. In fact, it's even time to start semi-retiring some of my tshirts from SMC Evolve, a shop I've patronised pretty well over the past 2 and a half years. It's always good to have a few backup tshirts, piled away in another cupboard, in case some kind of disaster strikes.

Of course, in amongst cleaning up all my shelves, the one thing I found in massive quantities was plastic bags. I swear these things reproduce when placed in cupboards. Even other people who habitually save every bag they've ever bought something in would be horrified to know how many bags of bags I've found in my room over the past year or so. Of course, we've only got a small-scale wheelie bin, and I still haven't got rid of all the foam bits from the new PC + peripherals.

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