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current listening - this sad paradise / april wind e.p.

Golden Rough - This Sad Paradise and the April Wind ep.

Suburban existential music. or something.

I picked these up a few months back while hanging around Camberwell Market waiting for Mavis to sell some of her stuff before her 'away game', as it were. I'd heard bits and pieces about them, the odd recommendation here and there, and when Chi handed me another of his mix-CDs at new year's eve last year, Already Apart gave me all the convincing I needed to go and dig these up. I write most of my want-list into my Palm V, but I don't always remember to look at it when I'm in a shop - caught up in the moment, rabidly flipping through shelves because something's going to show up, I can feel it. Well. Usually. So 8 months later, I found This Sad Paradise, the April Wind ep and the previous album Twin Firs. Amazing what you can do when you remember to look for the right thing.

So many snatches of wisftul lyrics I could quote, but maybe I'll just stick with the word wistful because that's the most common feeling I get through the album. A pile of images in each song, about varying levels of urban tragedy, making it a good escape on a Monday evening from a mood that says you don't feel like watching Final Fantasy in the lounge with the others (no offence, guys). Instead, I'll sit here and brood over the album, picking the bits I identify with, the feelings I remember feeling. I'll sit here and feel them all over again. It's selfish of me to dig up old memories like that, though.

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