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elvis costello gets t-shirted

I found a t-shirt yesterday in the embarrasingly-named Renegade Cyberstore (yes, really), that said "what's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding ?" That, along with a "hang the dj" t-shirt, and another one saying "je suis un rock star" (remember that song ?) demonstrates once again that we're fully into 80's retro, for better or worse. Me, I'm still waiting for the New New Romantic scene.

* 10:40 * clothing

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The 80s are back; have you heard Ladytron perchance?

The last issue of Future Music had an 80s special, with interviews with bands (the guy from OMD's now working with bubblegum girl groups, and Duran Duran are working on a new album), a history of synths, and a feature on how to make "80s" music, complete with an example on the CD.

Myself, I'm waiting for the early-90s shoegazer/Madchester revival.


Have I heard Ladytron ?

But of course ! Great album !

(mentioned around these parts mid-january, I think)

Early 90's. Yeah. Forgot about that. Could be interesting - maybe we'll see a 3rd Stone Roses album ? ;)

70s/80s/90s revivals are like buses. If you miss one, wait 20 minutes for the next one.